In Malibu, Caroline marvels that she is Ridge’s wife. They stop and kiss, and then stroll along the coast. Caroline wants to bask in being married to him for a while before they start baby-making. They kiss, and then sit and gush romantically to each other. Ridge has a cabana set up and they make love inside.

At Forrester Creations, Nicole tells Thomas she didn’t see that kiss coming. She also doesn’t think it had anything to do with her – it was because she brought up Caroline. Thomas denies it. He says Nicole was just standing there looking gorgeous. Nicole remains suspicious. They talk about him wanting to be better than Ridge in design. Nicole believes he will do it. Thomas looks at a picture on his phone and says Caroline and Ridge are married. In another office, Steffy wants to go tell Quinn that she’s working alone now. Liam asks if she’s sure about firing Ivy. Steffy talks about Ivy blackmailing her. Liam understands she doesn’t trust her, but he wishes it hadn’t come to this. Steffy didn’t want this either. Liam wonders what Wyatt’s threat – that they’ll regret this – meant. Steffy isn’t concerned – Ridge will have her back. They marvel about Ivy resorting to blackmail and being so good at it. Steffy says Wyatt needs to be careful aligning himself with Ivy – if she can’t trust him, he’s gone too. They talk about moving on and embrace.

In the beach house, Wyatt tells Ivy that the way Steffy and Liam treated her was unacceptable and they will regret it. He thinks he can shake up their happiness. Ivy worries about how long she’ll be welcome at the Forrester estate. Wyatt reiterates that Steffy and Liam will regret doing this to her.

At the outdoor restaurant, Katie is proud that Bill supported Caroline even though he had to bite his tongue. Katie tells Bill she is looking for a new challenge. He says he will make it happen. Bill gets a call from Wyatt to come over.

Bill and Katie arrive at the beach house, where Wyatt tells them Steffy fired Ivy today and Liam did nothing. Bill sighs. “So this is about Liam.” Wyatt rants about everything Liam has got. He tells Bill he’ll never have a say at Forrester and neither will he. Wyatt wants to carve out his own space at Spencer Publications – he wants to start a design house to compete with Forrester, and take down Liam and Steffy.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

The battle between the Spencers and Forresters begins.

Quinn benefits from Ivy’s bad luck.

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– Candace Young