At Forrester Creations, Caroline and Ridge agree to elope today. In the hallway, Thomas watches as Pam blindfolds Charlie to play ‘Guess the Missing Ingredient’. Thomas declines an invitation to join them and enters Ridge’s office. He and Caroline are kissing. Ridge doesn’t have time to look at his designs. “We’re getting married today.” He encourages Thomas to hold down the fort. Thomas congratulates them. Outside the door, Nicole finds Charlie has Pam blindfolded and she’s trying to answer the phone. Ridge and Caroline leave and Nicole joins Thomas. She asks him questions but he’s distracted. Thomas says Caroline and Ridge are exchanging vows today. Nicole says he’s not hiding his misery very well. Thomas muses that it’s just his resting bitch face and asks for a smoothie – anything with berries would be great. Nicole tries to draw him out about Caroline marrying Ridge. Thomas says maybe something else is distracting him and kisses Nicole. Elsewhere, Steffy tells Ivy she is no longer a part of the company. She can’t trust Ivy and thinks Ridge will respect her decision. Steffy tells Ivy to go wherever she wants as long as it’s far away from her. Ivy says Eric wouldn’t stand for this, but Steffy feels he’d be disgusted with her blackmail. Liam agrees. Ivy says she’s a Forrester and refuses to leave. Steffy calls for security. Charlie arrives with back up and Pam. Steffy asks him to escort Ivy out of the building. Liam backs Steffy up and Wyatt tells them they’ll regret this. Charlie and the other guard physically remove Ivy from the premises. Wyatt follows. Ivy asks Liam to stop this. He says he’s sorry.

In Malibu, Caroline, dressed in white, joins Ridge, who is wearing a suit, by a pool near the ocean. They will say vows there alone and do the rest at City Hall later. Ridge takes her hands as a symbol of two artists coming together – they will never let go. He talks about what home will now mean. He can’t wait to call her ‘wife’. Ridge says the traditional marriage vows. Caroline talks about what they’ve been through together – they can conquer anything. She says her traditional vows. They exchange rings, Ridge pronounces them husband and wife, and they kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt takes his plan for vengeance to Bill.

Thomas apologizes to Nicole.

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– Candace Young