Outside at Forrester Creations, Nicole and Zende help get ready for Ivy’s photo shoot. Wyatt sits by Ivy, who thinks Steffy should be grateful she deleted the video. Inside, Steffy talks to Liam about Ridge’s engagement. They are both surprised he is making such a commitment. Steffy won’t turn her back on her dad. Talk turns to the video. Steffy says they have to get to the photo shoot. Elsewhere, Caroline and Ridge work on her dress and kiss. Bill interrupts. Ridge wonders if he’s there to congratulate him. Katie joins them as Bill asks Caroline if she came to her senses yet. Katie admires the ring. Ridge wonders if Bill will throw a party. Bill says he’d throw the party of the year if Caroline were marrying anyone but him. Ridge and Bill verbally spar. Katie tries to intervene unsuccessfully. Ridge reassures Bill he won’t run out on Caroline, but Bill thinks it’s a load of crap. Ridge confirms they will try to have a baby – there’s nothing to worry about. Caroline and Katie both make nice to set an example. Bill sighs and tells Ridge not to screw it up. Once alone, Caroline tells Ridge that Bill nurtures her; it just comes in a macho package. Ridge says if anyone is going to protect her it will be him. He wants to elope today in Malibu. Caroline agrees. Outside, Wyatt tells Ivy she will knock this out of the park. Steffy appears and announces there won’t be a shoot today. “Not with you.” Ivy gapes. Wyatt asks Liam if he knew about this. Liam says it’s Steffy’s call. Arguing ensues. Liam instructs the interns to pack everything up. Ivy asks Steffy what this is about. Steffy says as president, she’s making some changes and first up is the Face of Forrester. Bickering ensues about the blackmail. Steffy says what Ivy did was reprehensible. Ivy thinks she should be thanking her. Steffy reiterates that her modeling days are over at Forrester. Back inside, Wyatt figures Steffy is going to be the Face of Forrester instead of Ivy. Liam says Ivy only got the job because she manipulated the situation. Steffy says she didn’t earn the position and she doesn’t deserve it. Wyatt and Ivy are forced to concede that Steffy never promised Ivy would keep the position if she deleted the video. Ivy rants about Liam and Steffy’s power trip. Steffy decides she doesn’t trust Ivy and can’t work with her. “You’re no longer welcome at Forrester. You’re fired.”

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ivy’s bad luck becomes Quinn’s good fortune at work.

Steffy’s latest move has Wyatt seeking revenge.

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– Candace Young