At Forrester Creations, Steffy tells Thomas and Caroline that Wyatt convinced Ivy to delete the video and they all made a pact never to speak about it. Caroline confirms she didn’t tell Ridge. Ridge arrives. Steffy tells him the investigation into Aly’s death is over. He’s glad and says he has other good news. He announces his and Caroline’s engagement. Steffy congratulates them. Caroline says her moms are thrilled and she leaves to see Bill. Ridge asks Steffy to tell him what she really thinks. She’s fine with it. Ridge says they’re starting a family. He explains how he came around to changing his mind about having a baby. He talks about the terrible night Caroline must have spent. Thomas flashes to kissing her. Steffy wonders if he’s really thought this through. Ridge loves her and never wants her to walk out the door again. Thomas tells Steffy he wants them to be happy. Once alone, Steffy questions Thomas about Caroline. He says Ridge made him part of the design team. She figures that’s why he’s supporting them. Steffy thinks something is going on. Thomas tells her he has to work. Outside, Bill and Katie tell Brooke that Caroline called them over to share some important news. Caroline joins them. Brooke says she’ll give them privacy, but Caroline invites her to stay. She shows off her engagement ring. Katie says, “Oh my God, you’re engaged.” Bill knew the second she started working with that predator, this was where it was headed. Brooke muses that marriage can be a huge commitment, and Bill snarks, “Not for Ridge.” Caroline insists they’re both ready and committed. Brooke reminds her about the issue of having a family. Caroline says he’s changed his mind and they’re going to start a family. Bill retorts that she’ll be pushing Ridge to high school graduation in a wheelchair. Katie and Brooke note that Ridge didn’t want more kids. Caroline snaps that he changed his mind. Bill suggests Caroline go away for a while. She calls them a bunch of Debbie Downers. Brooke wishes her luck and heads inside to work. Instead, she confronts Ridge. “Are you out of your mind?” She brings up the vasectomy. He says he’ll have it reversed. Brooke says there is no guarantee and assumes he hasn’t told Caroline. She thinks this has disaster written all over it. Outside, Caroline takes Bill and Katie to task over their negative attitudes to her happy news. Bill says she’s like a daughter to him and he’ll be there for her always. Caroline joins Brooke and Ridge inside just as Brooke is imploring him to tell Caroline about his vasectomy. “What’s going on?” Brooke irks Ridge by urging him to tell Caroline the truth…or she will. Outside, Bill grumps to Katie, who is impressed and turned on by how he handled the situation. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge and Brooke discuss her role in his personal decisions.

Caroline opens up to Thomas.

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– Candace Young