At home, Ridge admires the ring on Caroline’s finger. She says she loves him and can’t wait to be his wife.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas flashes to Caroline’s reaction to finding out they’d slept together. Brooke appears, and complains about Ridge’s decision to give Caroline a baby. Thomas suggests she speak to him about it. Brooke muses, “Maybe I will.” Thomas gets a call from Ridge asking him to come to the loft. Thomas tells Brooke that Ridge sounded energetic – he’ll go and get some info. After, Brooke thinks about Ridge saying he’d had a vasectomy and looks up information online.

Thomas arrives at the loft and Ridge tells him he and Caroline are getting married. “And I want you to be my best man.” Thomas stammers, “That’s really great.” He agrees to be Ridge’s best man. Ridge exits happily. Caroline tells Thomas that Ridge must never find out about what happened the other night – it will ruin everything, not just for her, but for him too. They argue about what happened between them. Thomas says they made love. “I thought that you were mine.” Caroline knows he wouldn’t take advantage of her, but she wants to be happy with Ridge. Thomas reassures her. Ridge returns. He wonders why Caroline is crying. She is just emotional. Ridge wants to celebrate.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Ivy rehash her blackmailing of Steffy. She notes that she just deleted that power. She still feels Steffy is responsible for Aly’s death. Wyatt assures her she did the right thing – he’s proud of her. He wants to hear from her that she thinks deleting the video was the right thing. Ivy tells him, yes; it was the right things to do. Wyatt muses that fierce Ivy was kind of sexy. She thinks blackmailing her cousin took it too far. They kiss.

At the Malibu house, Steffy tells Liam she saw Ivy delete the master copy of the video from all her devices. Wyatt convinced her to do it. Liam embraces her, thankful that it’s finally over. Liam gets up to speed on how Wyatt handled the situation. Steffy says Ivy was driven by her own guilt. She credits Wyatt with being the reason she can breathe again. Steffy talks to Liam about how awful it was living under Ivy’s thumb and worrying about going to prison. Liam never would have let it get that far. Steffy again credits Wyatt for convincing Ivy to delete the video. They talk about Aly and that night. Liam hopes they can move on now. He calls Wyatt and gets put on speaker to confirm that the video is really gone. Ivy says no other copies exist. Liam asks them to promise never to speak of that night again. All four agree. After, Liam and Steffy celebrate their new beginning with a kiss.

At the beach house, Wyatt tells Ivy that Aly wouldn’t have wanted her hanging onto the past. Ivy is ready to focus on the future. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

An announcement at Forrester Creations displeases many.

Steffy is suspicious about Thomas’ change of heart.

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