At the beach house, Ivy and Steffy both implore Wyatt to do their bidding. Wyatt bickers with Ivy. He says Steffy isn’t a murderer and she can’t be going around making those kinds of accusations. “I’m putting an end to it today!” Ivy repeats that Steffy murdered Aly. Steffy denies it. Wyatt hollers at them to stop it – they’re family. He admits he was bitter about Liam and Steffy, but says the video doesn’t make her a killer. He was wrong to enjoy watching them squirm. He appeals to Ivy to fix this mistake and tells Steffy she must give Ivy a second chance. Wyatt wants the video deleted. Ivy won’t relent. Wyatt defends Steffy. Ivy complains she gets away with everything. Steffy cries that’s not true and defends herself. She feels the blackmail isn’t who Ivy is. Wyatt reminds Ivy what Aly stood for – family and truth. He asks her to listen to Steffy. Steffy tells Ivy everything that happened and how the rock isn’t on the video. Ivy laments not seeing what was happening with Aly. She tells Steffy she knows she’s not a murderer and she’s so sorry. Ivy deletes the video from the laptop. Steffy sighs as Wyatt hugs Ivy.

At Ridge and Caroline’s place, Thomas thanks Ridge and says he’s happy for them before leaving. Ridge and Caroline embrace. Ridge brings up baby names and notices Caroline is pre-occupied. Caroline says it’s a lot to process. Ridge tells her he doesn’t want to be without her again. They kiss. Ridge sketches as Caroline talks about having a baby. Ridge says there’s another step he wants to take before baby-making. He shows her a sketch of a wedding dress and on the page it says ‘Will you marry me’? He kneels. Caroline gets giddy. He proposes and she gushes, “Yes!” They kiss passionately. After, Caroline admires her ring and says she loves him. He just wants her happiness and can’t wait to start his life with her. There’s no champagne so they have beer and cuddle.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke asks Thomas if everything is okay. He tells her he’s the newest member of the design team. Brooke congratulates him – she knew his father would come through. Brooke is appalled to hear that Ridge and Caroline are back together and he’s decided to have a baby with her. Thomas shrugs that he changed his mind, as Ridge Forrester is prone to do. Brooke flashes to Ridge admitting he had a vasectomy. She says a new baby isn’t even what Ridge wants. They lament what Caroline was put through in the last 24 hours. Thomas wishes he could turn back the clock.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge asks a favor of Thomas.

Ivy has second thoughts about her decision regarding the video.

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