At Forrester Creations, Thomas goes over everything that transpired with Caroline at the hotel in his mind. In another office, Liam tells Ivy that photo shoots are part of modeling, or did she not know that when she blackmailed her way into the job? He wants this to end. They argue heatedly when Ivy insists she’s doing this for Aly. Liam says Aly’s death was tragic enough – she needs to let them all move on and delete the video. They bicker about Steffy. Liam thinks Ivy is doing all this to get back at him. Ivy denies it. There is more debate over whether Aly’s death was a tragic accident. Liam says Steffy is not a liar or a murderer. Ivy complains that Steffy gets away with everything. Liam asks her not to punish Steffy for something he did to her. Ivy says they should be thanking her for not throwing Steffy in prison and she won’t be deleting the evidence.

At the beach house, Wyatt confirms that the video is on several devices. Steffy says she wants it removed from all of them. She accuses Wyatt of being a pawn in Ivy’s game – if he doesn’t do something he’s just as much to blame. Wyatt warns that all hell will break loose if he deletes it. Steffy says it’s for the best – the two of them are full of resentment. Wyatt admits he has issues with Liam. Steffy promises to sing Wyatt’s praises to her father if he deletes all copies of the video. “Make it disappear.” She reiterates how serious the situation is and assures him she didn’t want Aly to die. Wyatt doesn’t believe she’s a murderer. He is about to hit ‘delete’ when Ivy enters. He tells Ivy what she’s doing to Steffy is wrong. Ivy orders him not to delete that video. Steffy tells him to hit the button.

At home, Caroline marvels that Ridge bought a bassinette. She asks if he’s sure he wants this. Ridge says he changed his mind not because of what he wants, but what he needs. “I need you.” He needs to have a family with her, to share that with her. Caroline cries in his arms. Soon, Thomas arrives. Ridge says he’s probably wondering why they called him there. He explains they had some difficulties last night. Thomas stammers that he heard that…from Brooke. Ridge confirms they are back together and will have a family together. He wanted Thomas to be the first to know since he’s had an issue with their relationship. Thomas says he’s happy for them. Ridge asks Thomas to officially join the design team – he likes what he and Caroline have been doing together. Thomas says it’s an amazing opportunity; he’s not sure he deserves it. Ridge reassures him he does and feels they’ll do some great work together. Ridge goes on about Thomas possibly being more talented than he was at this age – he has so much faith in him. Caroline and Thomas exchange a wary look as Ridge embraces him.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ivy has a back-up plan in case Wyatt deletes the video, but later regrets her final decision.

Steffy wants Caroline to agree never to tell Ridge the truth about Aly’s death or the video.

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– Candace Young