At home, Ridge thanks Caroline for coming and tells her he was wrong. He still loves her and wants a life with her. They’ll face the challenges as a team. “I want you back.” When Ridge says she’s loyal and loving, Caroline backs away; she can’t hear that. He brings up the subject of kids and the feeling of love when a parent holds their child. “I can’t have you miss out on that.” He tells her their baby will be the most amazing baby in the world. It has to be him – they’re going to have a kid together. Ridge embraces her and she looks concerned.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas flashes to kissing Caroline and her horrified reaction to finding out they made love. Pam calls him to a meeting. He’s passing. Pam asks if he’s okay. Thomas says he’ll handle it. After, Brooke enters. She tells Thomas that Ridge broke up with Caroline. Thomas stays quiet as Brooke goes on about Thomas helping Caroline get through this. Thomas realizes Brooke knows something more. “You’re obviously Dad’s confidante now.” Brooke thinks Caroline is the one who needs a confidante and wonders if something’s changed between them. Once alone, Thomas flashes to Caroline screaming at him that she’s in love with his father. Outside, Wyatt thinks about Steffy asking him to do the right thing and delete the video. Ivy appears, thrilled over a press release about her. She thinks Steffy must be chewing her nails over this. Wyatt asks if there are other copies of the video. She says she isn’t going to take any chances. Inside, Steffy complains to Liam about Wyatt siding with Ivy. Liam assumes it’s because they got back together. Steffy honestly doesn’t think Wyatt wants Ivy using the video against her. Liam says he is still on the fence. Steffy hopes he comes to his senses. Wyatt and Ivy arrive. Steffy says Ridge wants them to start without him and Caroline. Liam proposes that Ivy go to Monte Carlo for her shoot. She wonders why they want her out of the country. Arguing ensues when they tell her she’s paranoid. Talk turns to the video. Steffy calls Ivy out for accusing her of something she would never do – Aly was family and it was self-defense. They keep rehashing until Ivy storms out. Liam goes after her. Wyatt tells Steffy this can’t go on. She advises him to get rid of the video. Wyatt says he’s considering it. Steffy offers to make a deal – Ivy must be dealt with. Outside, Liam finds Ivy watching the video. He tells her to delete it. They bicker. He says the video doesn’t show everything and what she’s doing is changing her. She has to stop. Liam warns this could backfire and walks away.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Thomas hears unexpected news from Ridge about his future.

Steffy is irritated by Wyatt’s inability to make the decision to do what’s right.

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