At Ridge’s place, Brooke marvels that he broke up with Caroline. Ridge muses that she’s hurt and confused right now, but when she wakes up it will make sense to her. They talk about his decision and how he didn’t know whether kids would come up when they got involved. He didn’t tell her about the vasectomy because she would have stayed with him. Brooke gives him a look. He knows he should have told her. Brooke argues that at least Caroline would understand. Ridge sighs that she will be a great mom – he won’t stand in the way. Brooke asks if he’s having second thoughts. Ridge says if it were possible for him to be with Caroline, he’d never let her go. Brooke thinks he did the right thing – they were never really on the same course. Ridge thought they were. Brooke wonders if he’s considering trying to have the vasectomy reversed.

At the hotel, Caroline wakes up and regards her empty wine glass. She turns and realizes she’s naked in bed with Thomas. Caroline asks what happened and why he is there. Thomas reaches out. She snaps, “Don’t touch me.” She wraps up in the sheet and gasps Ridge’s name. Thomas tries to reassure her. She stammers, “Did we?” Thomas can’t believe she doesn’t remember – he told her how he felt and they made love. Caroline cries, “No, no, no, no!” Thomas wonders what is going on. Caroline sobs that she took anti-anxiety pills and then they drank. She’s hysterical. “I didn’t want that!” Thomas assures her he didn’t take advantage of her – he just thought she was emotional. She is outraged when he says the sex was amazing. Caroline hollers that she had been talking about her feelings for Ridge – he had to have known she didn’t want him. Thomas protests it was mutual. Caroline screams that she’s in love with his father; she’s not that kind of person. Thomas says she didn’t stop. She orders him out. Ridge calls and realizes she’s crying. He wants to see her but she says she can’t and hangs up.

At Ridge’s place, he tells Brooke that Caroline is a mess – he has to find her. Brooke asks what he’s going to do.

Steffy storms into the beach house and rants to Wyatt that she wants every copy of the video destroyed. She asks, “Where is it? Where is the damn video?” Wyatt sighs that they’ve been through this, but Steffy cuts him off. She doesn’t care what this could do to his relationship. She’s tired of Ivy threatening to use the video to make it look like she committed murder. Wyatt holds his head as she goes on. He asks what she wants. Steffy says she wants every copy of that video gone – it’s the right thing to do for anyone with a conscience. Wyatt argues with her about what the video shows and says Ivy gave her a chance to come clean. Steffy says Ivy is holding it over her head, just like Aly. What she’s doing isn’t good – she’s changed. “Are you going to help me or not?” Wyatt suggests she ask his brother, the white knight. Steffy says Ivy wouldn’t listen to Liam. Wyatt talks about him letting people down. Steffy tells Wyatt he’s allowing Ivy to blackmail her and needs to do the right thing and help her get rid of the video.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ivy is thrilled to be the new Face of Forrester at Steffy’s expense.

Caroline receives a significant gift from Ridge.

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– Candace Young