At the studio apartment, Ridge looks at a paper and flashes to his upsetting conversation with Caroline, telling her he can’t be the man to give her a baby. Brooke stops in. He says Caroline is gone – he ended it. Brooke can see how upset he is and questions his decision. Ridge says he let her go to find someone who will have a kid with her; that’s not him, not anymore. He cryptically says it can’t happen. Brooke knows he’s hiding something. Ridge divulges that when he was living in Paris he got a vasectomy.

In a hotel suite, Caroline gets a call from Thomas, who wants to pick her brain. As he talks, she starts crying. Thomas offers to come over. She says she’s at a hotel and sends her address. After, she takes a pill from a prescription bottle. Soon, Thomas arrives. Caroline tells him Ridge ended things between them – he wants her to be a mother, but he can’t be the father. Thomas holds her. He says Brooke had the impression Ridge was going to have a baby with her. Caroline thought so too, at first. Thomas is sorry. Caroline doesn’t understand him acting like ending things was best for her. They pour drinks as Caroline tearfully rehashes everything and sobs that she doesn’t know what to do because she loves him. Thomas urges her to live her life and not his dad affect her decisions. Caroline doesn’t need to have kids, not if she has to lose him. She doesn’t understand Ridge repeatedly telling her it can’t be him who gives her kids. Caroline slurs as she talks about what great parents she and Ridge could be. She slumps on the bed and they tipsily debate about her giving up her dream to be with Ridge. Thomas joins her on the bed. He rambles about his father and looks blurry to Caroline. Thomas would love another chance with her. She says he’s been a good friend. Thomas says they could be more. He blurs and his words echo as Caroline watches him talk. Thomas kisses her.

At the Forrester mansion, Nicole and Zende joke with Rick and Maya. Once alone, Rick and Maya drink martinis and think back on their honeymoon. They agree it was wonderful. They welcome each other home as husband and wife.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline finds out what led to her situation.

Steffy tries to get Wyatt to side with her and Liam.

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