Katie is playing with Will on her living room floor when Bill arrives. "Honey, I'm home!" He tells Katie that Brooke is back - he went to see her. Katie asks how that went. Bill said he told her how he feels - that he wants to spend his life with Katie. He presses to see how she feels. Katie says a lot has happened. He thinks that could make them stronger. Now that he's had clarity, he knows he wants her, Will, and their family. She believes he wants that in this moment. He reassures her it's forever. Katie misses their marriage but doesn't know how to go back. Bill says they needed the time apart, but she was his perfect partner. He kisses her deeply. He lists the reasons he wants her. Katie cries. Bill produces an engagement ring and proposes.

At Forrester, Brooke implores Rick to tell Caroline he forgives her and wants her back. Maya says Eric tried this; it won't work. Rick says they've all moved on. Brooke tells him deep down he knows his relationship with Maya is temporary. Maya gets her back up and asks if there's something wrong with her. Brooke is just concerned it all happened so soon. Rick says Caroline is no better than Amber, and she has moved on with Ridge. "As sickening as it is, maybe it's for the best." Once alone, Maya thanks Rick. He assures her she's the woman he wants. Elsewhere, Ivy gives Aly advice on her shoe designs and worries about how little use Rick has for her. In another office, Brooke confronts Caroline about Ridge. She hopes she doesn't expect to have a relationship with him. Caroline tells her she does. Brooke tells her to be realistic. "You are not going to have a relationship with him." Brooke condescends about Caroline getting swept up. Caroline realizes Brooke thinks she can't be replaced. Brooke says if she wanted him back, she could have him. "Just like that."

In Malibu, Liam confirms to Steffy that he wants to take over her family's business and return it to its former glory. He wants to take it back from Rick. Steffy reminds him Rick has irrevocable control for a year. Liam thinks they can do this if they work together - a year from now there won't be a company left. Liam wants some of her shares and Thomas' too. Steffy dislikes the idea of selling. He suggests she could come back to L.A. and run the company with him. Steffy won't sell. She'll figure out something - starting with talking to Ridge and seeing what's going on at the company. They discuss Ivy. Steffy asks him not to take her to Aspen. Liam says there are so many places he associates with her. They flash back. Steffy says her feelings for him will never change. They are hugging when Ivy enters. "What's going on?"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

A broken relationship is repaired when love is given a second chance.

Brooke tries to make a heartfelt promise to Katie.

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