At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells everyone assembled that the rivalry between Ridge and Rick has to stop. Ridge questions if she's okay with Rick shooting at him. She says she'll have to be okay with it. Brooke decrees that Rick will remain as CEO and Ridge will deal with it and press no charges. Ridge says it's all fine - as long as Rick steps down. Rick threatens to drag Ridge through the headlines with him. Brooke tells Ridge he owes her. They argue. Caroline tells Brooke she can't come in there like this - she didn't sleep with her ex, but Rick took Maya to bed within hours. Brooke asks Caroline if she wants Rick back. Caroline shares how Rick took her back and it was a sham to get control of Forrester. Caroline tells Brooke she's done. Brooke tells Ridge to go. He says Rick is dangerous and is leading her by the nose as always. "Great parenting." In the corridor, Pam and Donna bicker about Rick. Donna thinks he'll listen to Brooke. Pam clucks that no one ever listens to Brooke, except Donna. Pam feels the only solution to this mess is to get Eric back there. Donna asks Pam what she's typing. Pam says, "Our resignations. We have no idea who's going to walk out of that room in charge or who's going home with who." Inside, Brooke tells Maya that Rick is staying in his marriage. Brooke appeals to Rick to let go of his anger. "You love Caroline." She asks him to tell her he forgives her.

At Spencer Publications, Liam tells Bill he can't take anymore of Rick's mistreatment of Caroline. He wants to take over Forrester and run it. Bill enthuses, "That's my boy!" He thinks Liam almost sounds like he's been eating meat. Liam needs control of Bill's shares of Forrester and knows where to go looking for more - he was married to her. Bill smiles. "Steffy." They speculate how this will work and talk about Rick playing Brooke. Liam says Steffy's in town and calls her. They agree to meet at his place. Bill and Liam talk about what Steffy will expect. Liam says they've always been friends. Bill is proud of him.

In Malibu, Liam tidies the house and Steffy arrives outside. He opens the door and she says, "Cha cha cha." They embrace. Steffy tells him she comes to L.A. from time-to-time and has spoken to Hope. She asks, "Have you missed me?" He tells her it's so good to see her. She wonders what he had to talk to her about. They discuss the issues at Forrester. Liam tells her it won't survive the day-to-day dysfunction going on there. He outlines his plan and asks what she thinks. "You and I can make it happen together."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline and Brooke butt heads over Ridge.

Brooke lets Caroline know where she stands.

Liam and Steffy collaborate on a plan.

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