At Forrester Creations, Maya tells Rick she still can't believe he shot a gun in the building. Rick shrugs that it was the lying, and laughs over Caroline and Ridge scrambling. Ridge and Caroline appear. Rick says he's busy. Ridge announces, "You're going to step down as CEO immediately." Rick and Maya mock them. Ridge says Rick will step down or they will press charges against him. Rick smirks at the idea of stepping aside for them to take over. Ridge tells him he's a nutcase. Caroline confirms she believes he's unstable. Ridge repeats Rick's options. Rick thinks his arrest would be a publicity nightmare.

At home, Brooke talks to Donna about Hope's distress over losing the baby. She notes a lot changed while she was gone. They talk about what's going on at Eric's mansion. Donna tells Brooke that Rick's been a little scary lately - no one really wants to cross him. Brooke admits she was concerned that Rick was so detached about the shooting. She says Rick seems to think Maya is his salvation. Donna smirks about Maya's planning - she's been five steps ahead of everyone this whole time. They agree that the person who should have exercised restraint was Ridge. Brooke says if Caroline had kissed anyone else, that moment would have come and gone. Donna wishes Eric was there to handle Ridge and Rick. She thinks it feels ominous - like the whole bottom could fall out. They get a call from Pam that something is going on at Forrester. Donna again comments on Rick's volatility. Brooke won't let the company go down in a blaze of testosterone.

At Spencer, Ivy is glad she got to wake up to Liam's face. "I love this face." Liam replies, "I love you." They kiss. She notes how peaceful it is there. They talk about Rick's dark energy making it oppressive at Forrester. Liam muses that she can't even go home to escape it. He tells her there is a solution - she could visit her toothbrush... Ivy grins. She talks more about the dictatorship situation at Forrester. It's like he's actively sabotaging Hope for the Future and couture. "We all suffer, but no one more than Caroline." Liam is outraged to hear that Rick fired a gun. Bill appears. Ivy leaves. Liam tells Bill that Rick is out of control and fired a gun into a room Caroline was in. He rants about Rick. They agree he has to be stopped. Liam wants to take over Forrester.

Brooke arrives at Forrester as Ridge tells Rick to step down or he'll call the police. She says, "You won't call anyone." Brooke accuses Ridge of trying to break Rick. They argue. She insists Rick will remain as CEO and if Ridge doesn't like it, he can leave.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline stops at nothing to tell Brooke her own version of events.

Liam reaches out to Steffy to help him and Bill make a secret business acquisition.

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