At home, Brooke flashes to her romance with Bill and then recalls telling Katie she's taking herself out of the equation. Bill arrives. He admires her beauty and remarks on her not returning his texts or calls. He confronts her about walking out on them...on him. Bill tells her he's grateful she did what she did, but is curious if she ever thought about them. He complains they had it all and she turned her back on it. Now he wants his family, and to spend the rest of his life with her sister. Brooke is glad he is reuniting his family. The memories they had together will be locked away forever. Bill leaves.

At Spencer, Liam and Katie discuss meeting agendas. Katie lets him know she's fine with him being president. Liam thinks it's great that she and Bill are becoming a family again. "Things are looking up around here!" Katie's just trying to see where life takes her. Liam says she could do better than his dad, but she's so good for him. "You make him a better person." Katie admits their connection feels good. She asks about Liam and Ivy. Liam grins. He says things are really, really good and admits they've taken things to the next level. They agree that Ivy's incredible. Katie says it's time Liam moved on. Talk turns back to Bill. Katie's grateful that Brooke stepped away to give them a chance to rediscover each other.

At the warehouse, Quinn is in a bad mood. Deacon asks, "What gives?" Quinn says Brooke is back - she'd kind of enjoyed her not being in town. Deacon laughs at her. "You're jealous." Quinn wonders how things will play out. Deacon reassures her. Quinn remarks that they share a child and a history. They discuss Brooke and her past. Quinn speculates that Katie and Bill are back together. She wonders where that leaves Brooke, and who her next victim, or boyfriend will be. Deacon again thinks she's jealous. He says he's not interested in Brooke - he's all about the future with Quinn. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Bill plot revenge against a Spencer enemy.

Ridge and Caroline make a deal with Rick and threaten him with legal action.

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