At the office, Ridge and Caroline toy with the idea of leaving Forrester when Rick’s lawyer enters with divorce papers. Ridge hands him the gun, then encourages Caroline to read the papers first. She is ready to sign and does so, handing them back. The lawyer leaves and Caroline tells Ridge they can now all move on. She wasn’t willing to see Rick had changed until he came in with the gun. She did all she could to save her marriage but draws the line at violent threats. Ridge wonders what’s next. He calls Eric and tells him what happened, then he and Caroline agree Rick shouldn’t be there anymore.

At the main house Brooke wonders what Maya is really up to. Maya blames Caroline for getting hot and heavy with Ridge, but tells Brooke she really does love Rick. She thinks Rick deserves someone devoted to him and she won’t let him down. Maya knows how it looks, and she won’t pretend not to enjoy the lifestyle, but thinks Caroline took it for granted. Brooke thanks her for her honesty and asks about Rick’s condition. Maya tells her he’s angry and bitter. Rick enters and surprised, hugs Brooke. She tells him Hope is staying in Italy for a bit and wonders how he is. Rick tells Maya and Brooke about the incident at the office and expects cops might be there any minute. He pulled the trigger after seeing Ridge and Caroline together, but he had to get Ridge off of his wife! Brooke calls Ridge while Maya comforts Rick and lays into him once she learns they are okay. “How could you Ridge?” she demands to know about his affair with Caroline. He tells her Rick is out of control but they aren’t calling the cops. Brooke peeks in on Rick cuddling with Maya and tells them Ridge is not calling the cops. Rick admits he’s stressed from running the company and dealing with Ridge and Caroline. Maya is the only person who has been here for him. Brooke tells him she’s here now too. He goes to bed while Maya hangs back. Brooke can see how attached Rick is to her, but her son is in trouble and if there is anything insincere about their relationship, Brooke will be watching. She dismisses Maya, who watches Brooke stare at her portrait while nursing a drink.

Back at Forrester Caroline is determined to fight Rick – he is dangerous and has to be stopped. Starting over would take years but together she and Ridge can run Forrester. They realize how lucky they were tonight and hold each other.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Bill reunite.

Quinn worries about how strong her relationship is to Deacon.

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