At Forrester Creations, Rick spies Ridge and Caroline kissing and shoots his gun. Ridge covers Caroline with his body. Rick enters and tells them he fired shots to get Ridge off of Caroline. "Apparently that didn't work." Ridge says he could have killed them. Charlie, Pam, and Carter rush in. Rick complains Ridge was about to defile Caroline. "I found the cradle robber on top of my wife." Ridge questions Rick calling her his wife. "Do you want to be with her or not?" Rick tells Caroline she'll be getting a visit from his attorney and bellows at Ridge to stay off his wife. Once alone, Ridge looks up Lt. Baker's number - he can't have Rick putting Caroline and the employees in danger. He knows his dad would agree. Caroline pleads with Ridge not to call the police. Ridge puts his phone away. He suggests they leave Forrester and start their own design company. "Run away with me."

At the Forrester mansion, Maya tells Brooke it wasn't her idea to have her portrait over the mantle. Brooke thinks Maya's getting used to it though, and feels everyone else should too. Brooke never imagined she would come home to this. Maya says Caroline is living elsewhere and Eric made Rick CEO. Brooke says she'll put Stephanie's portrait back while Maya changes. After, Brooke says the portrait isn't in the garage. Maya assures her she loves her son very much. She tells Brooke that Caroline turned to someone else. "Rick's wife was unfaithful with Ridge." Brooke wonders how she could do that to Rick. Maya figures Caroline and Ridge will have a different take on it. She tells Brooke that Rick will need someone else in his corner.

At the Malibu house, Liam and Ivy have made love. He kisses her forehead. "I love you." They talk about whether she'll stay until morning or go home, and then muse about Lord Rick and Lady Maya. Ivy suggests they discuss what to eat for breakfast instead. They make out and Liam challenges Ivy to make waffles. They fool around some more. Ivy wants him to know this isn't something she does easily or takes lightly. Liam assures her he wants her. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya worries that Brooke's return could pose problems for her and Rick.

Caroline receives a clear sign regarding which choices she should make.

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