Deacon greets Brooke at the warehouse and asks about Hope. Brooke says Wyatt's doing what he can to keep their marriage alive. She notes Deacon's with Quinn now and asks him to pour her a tequila - she could use it in case his girlfriend comes home. Brooke is talking to Deacon about the profound effect the miscarriage had on Hope. Quinn arrives and tells Brooke she has to get through to Hope and convince her to come home. She rants about Hope acting like only her feelings matter. Brooke tells Quinn she has no say. Quinn says it concerns her son. Brooke tells Quinn if she hadn't come to her house and confronted Hope, none of this would be happening. "It's all your fault." Deacon wants Brooke to ease up. Brooke says she'll update Deacon and leaves.

At the Malibu house, Ivy marvels at Liam's set up with flowers, candles, and music. She talks to Liam about how he has her back no matter what. She tells him it goes both ways. Ivy feels nothing can touch her when she's by his side. "Except you." They kiss. Liam says he'll always stand up for her. She taught him that caring about a woman doesn't always have to be a struggle; she reminded him love can be fun. They both think they've found the right person. Liam leads her to the bedroom. They undress and make love.

At Forrester Creations, Rick surprises Maya with the news that his attorney is bringing divorce papers. He arrives. Maya asks if Rick is okay and then tells him he's coming home to a celebration tonight. She goes. Rick drinks and asks his attorney to get rid of Stephanie's gun. "I don't trust myself." Rick also found bullets. The attorney loads the gun. Rick gives him the gun for his wife. In another office, Caroline tells Ridge that Rick knows they kissed again and describes how he lost it on her and Ivy. Ridge says to let him rant and rage. He moves in close. They happily work on designs together and kiss. In the corridor, Rick holds the gun that his attorney forgot. He sees Caroline and Ridge kissing, aims, and shoots.

Maya is wearing lingerie and lighting candles at the Forrester mansion when Brooke arrives looking for Rick. Maya tells him they're living there now, not at the guesthouse. Brooke is stunned. She notices the portrait. "What the hell?" Brooke wants Stephanie's picture put back up. "This is so disrespectful. What are you doing with my son?

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