At Forrester, Rick gets up off the floor and Liam warns him not to disrespect Caroline and Ivy. Caroline and Ivy fill him in on what happened. Rick says Caroline's still carrying on with Ridge. Liam calls him a hypocrite - he's living with Maya. He tells him he doesn't get to be a bully just because he's hurt, just because he can. Rick doesn't have to explain anything to Liam. He hollers that he didn't create this situation - Caroline did, and now she has to deal with the fallout and leave. Liam isn't without sympathy, but doesn't like his behavior. He yells at him about acting like a pissed off child. Liam says his father wouldn't be proud, and he of all people should know what it's like to be treated unfairly. Rick warns Liam not to touch him again and tells the girls they're officially on notice. Liam scoffs at his power play and warns the girls are protected. Rick snarls, "Aren't you your father's son." Liam says when it comes to protecting the people he loves, he is. Later, in another office, Liam, Ivy, and Caroline rehash the situation. Liam asks Caroline about Ridge. Caroline acts defensively. Liam reassures her. He says Rick won't get away with doing this to them. Liam suggests calling Eric. Ivy says he's unreachable and they tell Liam about the 'irrevocable control' contract. Liam plans to keep an eye on Rick. Caroline leaves. Ivy thanks Liam and they plan to meet at his place. He has a surprise that has to do with his love for her. They express their love and kiss. In his office, Rick drinks and flashes to being upset when Ridge hurt his mother when he was younger, and to Caroline betraying him with Ridge. He pulls out a gun.

At Spencer, Bill admits he gave her the vice-presidency to sweeten the pot for taking him back, but he says it was also good business. He talks about the new era dawning - they'll accomplish a lot, not just in the office, but at home too. Katie is concerned about not spending as much time with Will if she's working. She makes Bill admit he was wrong about the in-house daycare before. He goes further to say that everything Katie implemented was good for the employees' morale. Katie grins. "Bill Spencer lives and learns. Who knew?" He says that's why he needs her so much. They talk about how it will be at Spencer. Bill wishes he had something to offer Caroline. They discuss her 'minor indiscretion'. Katie says they sometimes have major consequences. Bill muses that it got Katie away from Ridge. He angles for Kate to let him move back into the house. Katie is wary. She reminds him he left her for Brooke. Bill wants to make it up to her. She tears up as he kisses her hand.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke is stunned by the changes made while she was gone.

Liam and Ivy take it up a notch.

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