Caroline is summonsed to Rick's office. Rick informs her he'll be looking to her for updates on the line and the designs. Caroline alerts him to Maya's sister's presence in town. Rick had no idea and picks up on the difference in Caroline. She stands tall to her husband and acts as though she couldn't care less about their current issues. Later, Pam barges in with Stephanie's portrait. She's furious he threw it in the garage and plans to keep it at her desk. Rick changes the subject to Maya and her sister Nicole. Pam refuses to do a background check and calls Rick out for not trusting Maya. Rick insists he trusts Maya, as Pam berates him for his recent decisions.

In his office at Spencer, with Jarrett, Liam, Katie and Ivy in attendance, Bill has a few announcements to make. He names Liam President of Spencer Publications then asks Katie to come back to work. Once alone, Katie agrees to come back and lays out the terms of her contract to Bill, including having no contact with Alison. Talk turns to their living arrangements and Bill asks to come home. Justin appears with Katie's new contract. Katie only agrees to make Bill dinner then leaves with Justin. Caroline arrives and fills Bill in on Rick's deception. Bill still wants Caroline with Rick and as far away from Ridge as possible. After Bill leaves, Katie appears and things are awkward with Caroline. Katie assures Caroline she didn’t ruin her life. Though Katie admits she lost herself in Ridge, she couldn't be everything Ridge needed her to be and forgot who she was along the way. Katie urges Caroline not to make the same mistakes. Elsewhere, Ivy and Liam celebrate his promotion and kiss.

Maya doesn't initially recognize her sister Nicole, who arrives at the Forrester mansion. Once they get through small talk, Maya hugs Nicole and admits she wasn't sure what 'they' told her about her. Nicole talks about her computer skills and confesses she hacked into the jail's system and put one-hundred dollars in Maya's account during her stay behind bars. She admits her upset that Maya left home but says she envied her for not being able to leave as well. After Nicole leaves for her computer college class at UCLA, Bill arrives. Maya doesn't appreciate him barging into her home. "You're just the resident squatter," Bill replies and warns Maya she will be on her way out by this time tomorrow.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill threatens Maya.

Rick lashes out at Ivy and Caroline.

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