At the Forrester mansion, Maya calls Bill out for expecting her to listen and obey. Bill tells her Rick is married and he wants her out of there within 24 hours. He adds that as a general rule, he usually gets what he wants. Maya tells him she's not going anywhere. Bill warns her nothing good is going to come from this; she's way out of her depth and doesn't belong in this house or family. Maya says his insults won't work. "This is my home." She wants him to leave. Bill snaps a couple pics of her portrait so he can look back and chuckle. "You're a joke."

At Spencer, Katie and Liam confer about their new positions and Bill surprising them. Liam tells Katie he thinks Bill wants her back in his life. Katie isn't sure about that, but he must respect her as a businesswoman. They discuss his fervor about protecting family. Katie notes he left there in a hurry after hearing about Rick and Caroline. She wouldn't want to be in Rick's shoes... Liam says he has issues with Rick too - he's been laying into Ivy lately. Katie agrees he's out of control and offers to talk to him. Liam says he'll do it. Katie notes he's more like his father everyday. Liam muses that he's seeing things differently. "Sometimes you need the big stick." Later, Bill arrives and tells Katie she's never looked sexier. He says Maya isn't going down without a fight. Katie thinks his grown sons and niece can take care of themselves. Bill tells Katie she's CEO of his life. "I want you back." She mocks his confidence. He says it will happen.

At Forrester, Rick begins a meeting about designs and accessories. He asks where the head designer is. Caroline tells him Ridge couldn't make it, but said she could handle it. Rick disagrees. He barks that he wants to hear about the line from the head designer, not the helper. The meeting continues, but Rick isn't prepared to commit to the designs or Ivy's jewelry. Eva the publicist says there's been a huge response to Ivy after the previous shoot. Rick thinks using Ivy as a model again would be a mistake. Caroline smirks that he wants to re-shoot with Maya. Rick and Caroline argue. She tells him to take out his anger on her, but not the company. Rick tells everyone but Ivy and Caroline to leave. He bellows at Caroline, "What the hell do you think you're doing!" In the corridor, Oliver, Aly, and Pam tell Eva that Rick's issue with Ivy is personal. Liam arrives and gets up to speed. Outside, Oliver assures Aly that Rick will consider her shoe designs when he's back to normal. They kiss. Inside, Caroline confronts Rick about ignoring Ivy's following to use Maya, which is not best for the company. Rick complains about the designs. Ivy lashes out at Rick for his behavior - he's still in love with Caroline which is why he's so angry. Rick argues that it was more than a couple kisses with Caroline and Ridge and he can see it's not over. Ivy rants at him for being judgmental when he's sleeping with Maya. Rick realizes Caroline kissed Ridge again and fires her. Liam bursts in and sucker punches Rick to the floor. "You do not speak to these women this way!"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam defends Caroline and Ivy.

Bill shows Katie his softer side.

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