At Forrester Creations, Ridge cuddles Caroline. She is worried about what people will think about them being together - what will Bill think? Ridge doesn't care about what Bill or anyone else thinks and he's not letting her go. They won't rush it or try to define it. They kiss. Outside, Maya happily greets Othello and Carter, who warns her about getting in too deep with a man who may not be committed. Maya beams. She says Rick is committed and told her over and over last night. "Rick loves me." Carter chuckles. He thinks Rick only said it because she brought it up. Maya gets angry - Rick's moved mountains so they could be together. Maya tells Othello she's no longer intimidated by Caroline. She starts talking about the company needing a refresh. Carter reminds her she's not CEO. She says she's the woman behind the CEO and will ensure Rick is respected. Maya leaves, and Othello tells Carter now that Maya has Rick's back, Ridge should be careful. Elsewhere, Ivy asks Rick if he can honestly tell her he's not still in love with Caroline. She warns if he's doing this to get back at Caroline, there is only so much a woman can take. Rick insists the contract was about making his mark in the business without Ridge's interference. He dismisses Ivy and types on his phone. In the other office, Ridge has just told Caroline he doesn't want to discuss Rick when he gets a text - Rick wants to see the designs. He goes and Ivy enters with samples. She asks Caroline why she's smiling. Caroline beams from ear-to-ear as she tells Ivy she can't make a decision on samples without Ridge. "We're a team. Me and Ridge. We'll have to wait for Ridge." Ivy blurts that it's weird she's so happy. "What's changed?" Caroline says someone reminded her what she has to offer. Ivy realizes she means Ridge. Caroline confirms. "We're taking it slow." A girl knocks - she's looking for Maya. "I'm Nicole Avant. Maya's little sister." In Rick's office, he begins talking, but Ridge cuts him off and says it will be a cold day in hell before he takes orders from him. Ridge rants about Rick disrespecting everyone. Maya enters as Ridge calls Rick an arrogant child. She tells Ridge if he can't leave his personal baggage at the door, he should go design somewhere else. Ridge exits and rants to Carter. Meanwhile, Rick tells Maya no one has ever done that for him. The future is up to them. They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge makes an appeal to Caroline.

Brooke returns and faces off with Quinn.

Bill makes changes at Spencer.

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