At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Caroline kiss passionately. After, Caroline apologizes and Ridge says he wants what she wants. She says if they do this, they can't go back. Ridge says Katie is gone and Rick is living with someone else...the only thing left is wanting something they've never had before. Caroline doesn't know if she's ready for him...this. Ridge isn't pushing. They discuss their feelings of failing in past relationships. Ridge says they both knew their kisses were much more than just that. They discuss her Aunt Caroline, his first love. Ridge assures her he's not living in the past. They debate about who is seducing who and how this will work in their real lives. Ridge says it could be fantastic. Caroline wants him...and time. She wants the getting to know each other part to last. She says, "I won't run." They kiss and cuddle on the sofa, and agree it feels good and right. Caroline muses that she was trying to find happiness, but what if all along happiness was trying to find her? They kiss.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick talks to Maya about sleeping in the house when he was younger when Eric was away and Stephanie finding him. He says you never knew what you were going to get with Stephanie. Most people are like that, but not Maya. She vows to make the best life for him. Downstairs, Aly and Ivy debate whether or not to announce themselves to Rick and Maya. They hear a noise from the bedroom. Upstairs, Maya says she heard a car. She offers to peel him an orange and Rick marvels at how she talks to him with such love and care. They make love and then Maya wonders if they'll last. Rick muses that they can't see the future. Maya says she can. Downstairs, Ivy and Aly decide to eat the meal Rosaria made for Rick and Maya. Ivy buzzes up to Rick, who says he's not hungry. She hangs up and Ivy mutters about Maya being attached to his wallet. Ivy doesn't think his wallet is what's in play right now. Aly asks Ivy if she was Caroline, would she give up? Ivy says Rick's not giving her mixed messages, but she may be afraid of drowning if she lets go. Upstairs, Maya goes to get them wine and a corkscrew. Rick looks in Stephanie's former nightstand and finds a gun.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge and Caroline come to a decision about their relationship moving forward.

Maya's sister, Nicole Avant, hits town.

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