At Forrester Creations, Caroline wonders what to do. Ridge muses that everyone has their limit. She says she's not there yet. Ridge knows that, and he thinks Rick does too. He warns Caroline at some point you have to say 'enough's enough'. Caroline's not ready to give up on her marriage yet. She think Rick is lashing out because he still loves her. Ridge questions why he's not there working it out then - he doesn't want her to be disappointed. Ridge wonders what kind of man does all this to hurt someone. Caroline says Rick can't possibly love Maya. Elsewhere, Aly, Ivy, and Carter discuss Rick's relationship with Maya. Carter tells them Rick hasn't told Maya he loves her yet. Aly is surprised Caroline still wants Rick back after all he's done. They talk about his major issues with Ridge. Carter has a feeling Maya's going to be let down in a big way. Aly and Ivy aren't sure, but they agree Rick still has feelings for Caroline. Ivy feels if he doesn't come around soon, he risks losing Caroline forever.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick avoids saying 'I love you' to Maya. She says if he can't say those three words, then this isn't what she'd hoped it was. Rick wants her in his life. If they're going to be together, Maya needs to hear him say it. She questions if he put her picture on the wall for her or for Caroline. Rick insists he wants nothing to do with Caroline anymore. Maya thinks she should leave. If he can't say those words, she shouldn't be there. Rick stops her from going by saying he loves her. They kiss and head upstairs to the bedroom. Later, Rick takes a video call from Caroline, who sees them in bed together and hangs up. Maya tells Rick they are blessed and have a bright, beautiful future.

At Forrester Creations, Caroline reacts to the disturbing video call with Rick. Ridge tells her he's so sorry. "Your marriage is over." Caroline rants about Rick hurting her. Ridge says it's enough now. He urges her to let Rick go. "You deserve better." Caroline blames herself. How is she supposed to move on? Ridge kisses her passionately. They keep kissing...

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge tells Caroline reasons why they can now be together.

Rick feels that he and Maya have a bright future.

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