At Forrester Creations, Ridge warns Rick to take Caroline back or lose her forever. Rick thinks Ridge is really saying that if Rick's not there for her, he will be. Rick has another go at Ridge about his string of women. He says Katie came to her senses and realized he's a bad bet, and Caroline probably has too. Ridge tells Rick he's acting like a child and keeps punishing Caroline. He warns she will find someone else who appreciates and respects her for who she is. He invites Rick to tell him one more time that he's done with his wife. Elsewhere, Carter and Maya bicker about the portrait situation. Maya insists Rick was sending a message to her, not to anyone else. Carter says it's not just a picture - Stephanie is still incredibly important to the family. He wants her to understand how it looks. Maya says Rick thinks she belongs up there. She goes on about how Caroline thinks Rick putting it up is all about her. Carter agrees - it's a classic rebound and suggests that Rick may be using Maya to get back at his wife. Maya insists Rick wants nothing more to do with Caroline. They debate. Carter asks if he's told her he loves her. She admits, "Not yet." Carter cautions her to be careful. Maya thinks Rick will say it tonight.

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline, Aly, and Ivy discuss the Maya portrait. Ivy says Rick is doing this because he's not over her. Caroline says neither Rick or Maya is ready to admit that. Aly can't understand why Caroline would still be apologizing to Rick - what he did was worse. They discuss Ridge and Katie's split. Caroline insists she can't give up on her marriage with Rick to chase some impossible dream. Later, Maya greets Rick with a martini. She tells him she feels lucky, and hopes he feels the same way. Rick talks business, but Maya brings up Caroline. She asks if he's doing all this to get back at her. Rick can't help it if she's hurt. Maya says she loves him, can he say he loves her?

Caroline looks for Rick at Forrester, but finds Ridge working on a design. She likes it. He notices her distress. She tells him about the scene at the Forrester mansion. They agree it's payback. Caroline says the longer it goes on the worse it gets. Elsewhere, Ivy and Aly talk to Carter about Rick using Maya to get back at Caroline. Carter says Maya doesn't see it. He thinks she loves Rick, but questions if he feels the same.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya wants answers from Rick regarding his feelings.

Ridge doesn't think Caroline should try to save her marriage.

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