At the Forrester mansion Caroline scoffs at Maya being the next matriarch. Maya says Rick knows who he wants. She tells Caroline that Rick is a dead end, but there's another man who has feelings for her. Caroline realizes that she handed this to Maya. Maya knows she sees her as an opportunist, but she loves Rick and would marry him in a second if he asked. She reminds her she feel for Rick when she believed he was a struggling waiter. Maya has Caroline to thank for teaching her that pedigree doesn't always guarantee a happy future. Maya says she will learn to be the grand dame Rick needs her to be. "I will surprise everyone. Even you." Maya takes Caroline to task about her fling with Ridge and her past treatment of her. She has class and something to offer. Rick knows it and that's all that matters.

At Forrester Creations, Pam tells Ridge that Rick and Maya moved into his father's house, are sleeping in his bed, and Rick replaced Stephanie's portrait with one of Maya. Ridge exclaims. Pam mutters about how Caroline will feel. Ridge says that's exactly why he did it. After, Ridge and Carter argue about Rick and Caroline's marriage. Ridge intends to respect that she's trying to save it even if he doesn't respect Rick. He decides to go talk to Rick. In another office, Aly tells Rick she and Ivy feel affronted by his actions at the mansion and mentions the portrait. She thinks it's more about sending Caroline a message than it is about Stephanie. Rick says Maya earned her position as the Forrester matriarch. Aly talks to Rick about hurting and losing Caroline. Rick says if Maya hadn't exposed Caroline and Ridge, who knows how long he would have been played for a fool? Once alone, Rick thinks about Caroline seeing the portrait. Ridge enters. He confronts him about moving into the mansion with Maya. "What about your wife?" Rick says he's made himself clear. Ridge tells him to talk to him like a man. They argue. Rick brings up Ridge's past with women and calls him a bastard Marone who keeps on taking. Ridge wants Rick to admit he still wants Caroline - no one's buying his stunts. He wonders if he's told Maya he loves her. "You haven't. We both know why." He urges Rick to take Caroline back before it's too late. By Pam's desk, Carter and Aly discuss Rick playing Lord of the Manor with Lady Maya. He says Ridge is determined to stop all this. Aly hopes Ridge knows what he's doing.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Carter infuriates Maya by telling her he doesn't think Rick truly loves her.

Rick confronts Ridge about his past romantic failures.

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