Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter and his wife, who had three sons. The eldest two were strong and tall, and their mother and father were always telling them how handsome and clever they were – but the youngest son was, to tell you the truth, just a bit simple in the head. He wasn’t very tall, and he wasn’t very strong, and his family thought he was good for nothing. They hardly ever called him by his real name, but instead they gave him a cruel nickname. They called him Dummy, because they said he was stupid.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick tells Caroline that he put up Maya's portrait as a house-warming gift. Upstairs, Maya looks out the window and sees Caroline's car. She flashes to Caroline being mean to her in the past. She gets a call from Othello, who is checking in. Maya admits she's a little intimidated. She tells him about the portrait. Othello tells her Rick has finally made a good choice and assures her she deserves every bit of it. Downstairs, Caroline realizes Rick invited her there to see Maya's portrait. Rick rants about Stephanie supporting Ridge. Caroline tells him to put up the Picasso then. She tells him, "Don't do this. You don't love her." Rick makes it clear he doesn't care about Caroline's feelings and rants that she humiliated him. She retorts, "And you hurt me!" She reminds him they're married and implores him to break up with Maya. Rick exits. Maya appears. She and Caroline discuss the portrait. Maya insists she told Rick to take it down. Caroline tells her Rick wanted her to see it, which verifies that it's all for effect and to hurt her. She warns when Rick stops wanting to get back at her, he'll have no use for Maya. Maya agrees he wants to punish Caroline, but she is the woman Rick deserves. She informs Caroline she will be Rick's perfect partner and succeed where she failed. "I will be the next Forrester matriarch."

And the eldest son replied: “Be off with you, you filthy old beggar.”

At Forrester Creations, Ivy and Liam flirt over lattes. They discuss what might be going on with Wyatt and Hope. Ivy is distracted. She tells Liam that Rick took down Stephanie's portrait and put up one of Maya. Liam says Rick is on the rebound and Maya has a crazy power trip thing going on, but he fears there is more to their relationship than anyone realizes; more than Caroline realizes. Rick enters. He asks Liam how Caroline is settling in, and tells Ivy he'd like it if they could all live together peaceably at the house. Ivy says kicking her and Aly out the first night wasn't a good start. She says his actions tell her he still wants to be with Caroline. Rick denies it. Liam makes a pitch on Caroline's behalf. Rick says he can't trust Caroline and Maya is loyal. It's exactly what he needs.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya wants answers from Rick.

Maya gloats to Carter about a hot night with Rick.

Ivy warns Rick.

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