Rick and Maya wake up in bed together and enthuse about their situation. Maya doesn't know how it could get better. Rick says they're about to find out. Downstairs, Pam enters with Ivy and Aly, who talk about being forced to leave for the night. They notice Maya's portrait in place of Stephanie's. Pam hollers, "Where is my sister?" Ivy reassures her. Rick appears. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Pam asks, "You knew this picture was on the wall?" Rick says he put it there. Pam and Rick argue about him moving into Eric's bedroom and taking down Stephanie's portrait. Rick maintains he's entitled. Pam says none of it will last. Rick says he'll put Stephanie back when Eric comes home, until then Maya stays. Pam glares. Later, Rick fills Maya in on his argument with Pam. He doesn't give a damn who disapproves.

Caroline has slept on Liam's sofa in Malibu. He doesn't mind the company, but is sorry about the circumstances. Caroline blames Maya for stealing her husband. She won't give up on her marriage. Liam says that's the Spencer in her. He asks about this 'thing' between her and Ridge. Caroline says it was just chemistry, from the first time he touched her hand. She gushes that he's a powerful man and it was breathtaking. "There's this electricity between us." She admits she wanted Ridge to kiss her - her marriage was the last thing on her mind. Liam gets it. He tells her about Ivy seeing Rick and Maya kissing and her confronting Rick. Liam says it's good she's trying to save her marriage, but at some point she has to stand up for her dignity and that might mean letting go. Caroline says it's great advice, but she's not going to take it today. She calls Rick to talk. He is looking at Maya's portrait and invites her to the house. Caroline tells Liam she's getting her husband back.

At Forrester, Aly and Ivy discuss the portrait swap. Aly says Rick is really changing. Ivy feels Rick is doing this to get back at Caroline - if he didn't care about her he'd be indifferent.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick sends Maya upstairs to get ready. Caroline arrives, accepts a glass of water and they start rehashing things. When Caroline notices Maya's portrait she drops her glass, which smashes on the floor.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya gloats about coming out on top of her rival, Caroline.

Ivy and Rick face-off.

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