At Forrester, Rick shouts at Caroline, "Why did it have to be Ridge?" Caroline shouts back that they can go away together. He says he's running a company. She counters that she's trying to save a marriage. Rick insists he tried to put what happened behind him. The one thing he needed from her was loyalty and she broke that pact. Caroline pleads with him not to throw everything away. She doesn't think he loves Maya - she's just a fallback. Rick turns away. He removes his ring and says it's over. "I can never trust you again." Rick cries as she leaves. Caroline cries in the hall. "It's not over." In another office, Ridge tells Eric that Rick was thinking like an angry little boy and now he has control over all of them. Eric sighs. "Yeah, and Maya." Ridge says Rick is convinced she's the only person he can trust. Eric thinks Rick's heart is still with Caroline. Ridge urges Eric to go spend time with his brother, he won't mix it up with Rick. Eric worries about Caroline and notes how well they work together. They agree it would be easier if they didn't. Eric finds Rick and calls him out for playing him for a fool. He's ashamed. Rick tells him, "Don't be." He explains he can't trust Caroline, but trusts Maya. "She would never do to me what Caroline did." Elsewhere, Caroline tells Ridge that Rick ended it officially. Ridge comforts her. "I never wanted this for you." They debate whether Rick will come back to her. Ridge says part of him wants to take her away somewhere to be happy, but he can't do that - her commitment to Rick is extraordinary. Caroline tells Ridge he's every woman's dream. Maybe she's a romantic fool but she still believes in a future with Rick.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya tells Ivy that she's spent her life scraping by and now she gets to live with Rick in this mansion. She says she's living her dream and Ivy can live it with her. They bicker about Caroline. Maya says she made her bed. Ivy announces she's going to her room, but Maya says she and Aly won't be staying there tonight - she and Rick want privacy. Ivy says she'll leave when Rick comes home - if he asks her to. Maya is sure of herself. Rick loves her. Ivy doesn't look convinced. Later, Rick arrives and tells Stephanie's portrait, "If you could only see us now." When Maya appears, he has a portrait of her in Stephanie's place. Maya feels she hasn't earned it, but Rick says it's their home now. Stephanie's portrait looks on from the floor as they embrace.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick makes changes at the Forrester mansion to make himself comfortable.

Caroline moves in with her cousin, Liam.

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