At Forrester Creations, Rick tells Caroline he can't love her the way he did before. She will take what he can give. Rick cries that sometimes it's just too damn late. Caroline will do all the work if he'll let her. Rick confronts her about lying repeatedly and humiliating him at work...for Ridge's entertainment. He could forgive anything but that. Caroline counters that Maya engineered the public humiliation. Rick says Caroline's was the ultimate betrayal because it was with Ridge. Caroline says it's over. Rick says no woman is ever done with Ridge Forrester. Caroline says she was never unfaithful in the way he was, but she won't give up. She tells Rick to undo what he's done. Outside, Maya thinks Ivy wanted to be besties with the boss' wife, but that's not Caroline now. She could use a work bestie. Ivy mocks her. Maya suggests she warm up to her. In another office, Eric bemoans to Carter and Ridge that this is all on him. Ridge re-reads the contract and they all debate whether or not there's a way out. Eric goes back to 'it's only a year' which frustrates Ridge. Carter wants to work up a petition to nullify. He exits. Ridge tells Eric that Rick stabbed him in the back. Eric replies, "As if you never did." They discuss their contentious relationship. Ridge thinks Eric retaliated for him being number one with Stephanie, and mentions Brooke. Eric thinks Ridge came onto Caroline to exert power when he was weak. It worked a little too well.

Outside the Forrester mansion, Ivy flashes to confronting Maya and Rick previously. She goes inside to find Maya moving in and rearranging the house. Ivy is flabbergasted. She wonders if Eric invited them to move in. Maya replies, "Yes. Eric Forrester Junior." Ivy informs her she's not pushing her out. "Aly and I are Forresters and you're still a wannabe." Maya wants to be friends - and she usually gets what she wants.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge is extremely angry with Eric when he continues to defend Rick.

Maya wants to put Ivy and Aly out of the Forrester mansion.

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