At Forrester Creations, Rick announces he's moving forward with Maya. Eric tells Rick he won't accept this - staying with Caroline was part of the deal. Rick says it wasn't in the contract; Caroline's not his problem anymore. Eric hollers about Rick being hateful and deceitful. Rick says he has a year to prove himself. Maya assures Eric he'll be proud of Rick. Eric apologizes to Caroline. Ridge rants about this being classic Rick. Rick and Caroline scream at each other. Rick warns Ridge he has irrevocable control and will fire him if he says one word. Eric blusters that Rick is totally out of control. Rick warns Caroline and Ridge they're replaceable and tells Eric to go on vacation. He warns them all to treat Maya with respect. Outside, Othello tells Pam there are going to be changes. "I've got a vibe." Ivy appears, looking for Maya. She intends to tell Caroline what she knows, but Othello thinks it's too late. Pam learns about Rick and Maya kissing and whispers about Caroline being devastated. Both Pam and Othello advise Ivy to see how things play out. Ivy thinks she should have said something sooner. Pam points out Rick threatened to fire her. Inside, Eric tells Rick this is not the way a CEO behaves. Ridge says he used Caroline to get control. Rick urges Eric to go travel, he will be the son he raised and make him proud. He tells Ridge that his tenure as vice-president and head designer remains and he and Caroline can design freely together. Caroline hollers at everyone to get out when Rick asks where she wants her things sent. They all exit. Caroline says she feels sick. Rick says that's how he felt - now she knows what it's like. She cries and rails about him sneaking around with Maya. "Congratulations. You got me." Rick denies that he did this out of pain. Caroline gives a teary Rick one more chance - they still love each other. "Just say that you are willing to try!" On the rooftop, Maya reflects on her relationship with Rick and then tells Ivy she's too late. Ivy sneers about them plotting a takeover. Maya gloats. Ivy wonders if Rick is using Maya, and chastises her - he's a married man. Maya will sleep fine tonight. In another office, Eric tells Ridge and Carter he thought Rick and Caroline were solid. Ridge says he still loves her...that's why he's doing this. Ridge laments having to listen to a power-hungry idiot for a year. Carter says Maya has targeted Rick for months. Ridge thinks she's a pawn but doesn't know it yet.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge, Carter and Eric strive to get out of a bad situation.

Caroline pleads with Rick to rethink his stance on their marriage.

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