Outside at Forrester Creations, Rick tells Maya his father needs to sign today. A year is enough. He'll text when he's done. Inside, Ridge confronts Caroline about Rick being up to something. Caroline thinks if it makes him feel more secure, Eric should sign Rick's papers. In Eric's office, Carter tells him if things don't go well, a year is a very long time. No one will be able to intercede - not even him. Rick enters with his lawyer. Carter cautions again about the impact of the proposal. Rick works on Eric. Carter messages Ridge that Rick is making his move. Rick and Eric debate about Ridge. Eric signs. Ridge and Caroline enter. Rick tells him he's too late. Outside, Othello meets Maya. She tells him it's happening right now - Eric has to sign those papers before somebody catches on. Othello wonders why it doesn't bother her that Rick is playing Caroline like this. Maya says this is their future. Maya gets called away. Inside, Ivy asks Pam what's going on in Eric's office. They hear arguing. In the office, Ridge complains this is unprecedented. Eric is happy with his decision. Caroline says Rick won't hurt the company. Ridge demands to know why Rick needed it. "What else is going on here?" Outside, Ivy finds Othello and asks him how Maya seemed. She thinks something is going on. Ivy realizes he knows something and tells him she saw Maya and Rick kissing. If they're planning something that could hurt Caroline, she needs to know. Inside, Maya learns from Pam that Ridge and Caroline are in Rick's meeting. She waits. In Eric's office, he stands by his decision, but Ridge continues to argue. Rick texts Maya. He announces he intends to continue the tradition of a strong couple running Forrester. "I couldn't have done it without her." Maya enters. In the corridor, Othello joins Pam, who gives him the low down. "You don't seem surprised." She thinks he knows something. Othello warns there could be big changes, and he's looking forward to them. Inside, Eric asks Maya to go, but Rick announces that she will be his partner. He says they're still together and Caroline gasps. Rick says their marriage is over and he'll be sharing his life and the company with Maya. Eric looks stunned, Maya looks triumphant, and Caroline breathes fast and tears up.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline still wants to save her marriage.

Eric throws his support behind Rick.

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