At Forrester, Ridge questions Caroline about her lack of intimacy with Rick. It doesn't make sense to Ridge that Rick isn't touching her if they're reconciled. Caroline thinks maybe tonight will be different.

At Maya's apartment in the tub, Rick tells her not to worry, his father will sign the papers. Rick tells her when his father leaves for Europe, they'll move into the mansion. If Aly and Ivy get in their way they'll shoo them to one of the guesthouses. "We're movin' on up." Maya is thrilled and can't wait. Rick tells her he can't stay tonight. Maya says Caroline can have him tonight, only because she gets him for the rest of her life. She warns him about celebrating with Caroline. Rick can handle her. Maya will think about him when the clock strikes midnight. Later, she fantasizes about life with Rick.

At the Forrester mansion, Carter incredulously asks if Eric wants Rick to have full control. Eric stresses it would be for one year. Carter asks if he is going to sign the papers. Eric says Rick needs his vote of confidence. Carter notes he hasn't always deserved it. Eric thinks Carter is speaking as Ridge's pal. He wants to hand off the baton to Rick and Caroline. Carter and Eric agree that Carter will take the document back to work to go over it.

At Liam's house, he and Ivy pour champagne and prepare to welcome the new year together. She's right where she wants to be. They talk about being alone versus going out to a club. Liam would rather be with one special woman. They talk about Rick. Ivy hasn't said anything yet, but muses that she might tell Caroline. "Definitely not tonight." Liam agrees - they have other things to think about. They don hats and grab noisemakers. Ivy talks about it having been the best year of her life. They kiss at midnight.

Caroline arrives home to an empty house. Eric arrives. He tells her about the document Rick wants him to sign. Eric asks if everything is good between them. Rick enters and kisses Caroline. Caroline tells Eric to have faith in her husband. Later, Rick phones Maya while Caroline showers. When she joins him in bed he feigns sleep.

Carter finds Ridge at Forrester and shows him the papers Rick had drawn up. Rick intones, "Irrevocable control." He wonders what Ricky Boy is up to. Ridge alludes to Rick having issues and tells him something isn't right.

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