At Bikini Bar, Maya watches Carter dance with a girl. Nearby, Liam tells Ivy he's glad he came, and then he tells Carter and Rick the story of Ivy falling into the Seine. Ivy talks to Maya, who remarks on her being a Forrester and tells her she and Rick used to be an item. Ivy muses that ship's sailed since he's married. Maya muses, "For now." Ivy goes outside with Liam. He says he needed this and smiles at her. They share a bit about their backgrounds and Ivy places her hands on his. Liam says he needs to move on. Ivy can help. She kisses him. Inside, Maya tells Rick he looks 'alone'. She says she misses him - especially at night.

At Brooke's house, she goes on to Bill about Ridge losing his talent. Bill counters that she's the only woman for him, and he's the only man for her. He asks to spend the night and kisses her. Brooke complains that it's complicated. Bill says he won't give up and leaves.

At the warehouse, Quinn tells Deacon he needs to make his move on Brooke now. Quinn talks about what she wants for Wyatt, and says they can have what they never have - a sense of belonging. She insists their children are depending on them. They'll have their parents together for the first time. Quinn says she paved the way, now it's Deacon's turn. "Go make it happen with Brooke."

Quinn finds Bill brooding and drinking in his office at Spencer. She's there to make amends as part of her therapy. Quinn realizes an apology isn't enough for Liam, but she is sorry for her bad judgement in sending the selfie. She says they should be celebrating - their son is happy and married to the woman he loves. She wants to give being family another shot - for Wyatt. Quinn complains about Brooke always wanting him to apologize. "Bill Spencer doesn't grovel."

Deacon arrives at Brooke's house and they discuss Bill. Brooke says Bill still wants to get married, but when Ridge is hurting she is too. Deacon mentions Hope to make Brooke smile. Brooke laments always choosing guys who self-destruct and being left with collateral damage. She remembers how easy Deacon is to talk to. Deacon teases her about Hope making her a grandma. He pictures them taking their grandchild places. Brooke says he has it all mapped out. Deacon speaks from the heart about all the things he misses about her. "I love you." He says he wants to make love to her. Deacon kisses her passionately. Deacon tells her this is their time - he can make her happy and they can be parents together. Deacon proposes.

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