At the beach house, Wyatt kisses Hope and reminds her this is now their home. He sneezes - his allergies are bothering him. Later, Deacon arrives. He's hoping Hope can help him and talks to her about Brooke. Hope is thrilled that he came to her for advice. Deacon says he'll never be as wealthy and powerful as Bill, but that's not what Brooke saw in him. He wants to prove himself to Brooke. Hope says he'll have to be the man she wants to come back to - she believes he can do it. Deacon wants to be a family. Hope hugs him. She urges Deacon to tell Brooke he loves her.

Bob Barker is at Liam's office gushing over the work he's done for animal rights. He talks about having your pet spayed or neutered for free. Liam quips, "Well if the price is right..." Later, Wyatt enters with a box full of the cat's things. He tells Liam he has to take the cat - he's allergic. Liam exits.

Wyatt catches up to Liam and Bob Barker outside and calls them animal wackos. Bob does his spiel about spaying and neutering and Wyatt gasps. "Wacko!" Bob punches him out as Liam watches in awe. Bob hollers, "I've still got it, wacko!"

In his office, Bill flashes to good times with Brooke in Abu-Dhabi.

At home, Brooke flashes to good times with Bill in Abu-Dhabi. She pours some wine and looks at designs while thinking about Ridge not being able to draw. Bill arrives to plead his case. Brooke talks about Ridge's lost talent and tries to explain how his designs are art and tell the stories of his life. Brooke tells Bill she loves him, but doesn't think she can be happy with a man who took Ridge's gift from him. Bill complains that Forrester assaulted him - he won't let him or anyone else come between them now. Bill thinks Brooke is still wearing his ring because she knows they'll get past this.

Outside at Forrester Creations, Maya prepares for a photo shoot. Carter looks at her and tells Oliver the best thing you can do with a mess like that is move on and leave it behind. After the shoot, Rick appears. Maya tries to find out if he's going to the party at Bikini. Oliver says he has a beautiful date and looks over at Ally. Ivy tells Ally that Liam is going to the party with her. They giggle.

At Bikini Bar, Rick greets Carter. Oliver tells Ally and Ivy he'll get them a table. Liam arrives and compliments Ivy's hair.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

The end-of-summer bash at Bikini Beach continues.

Quinn and Deacon enter the next stage of their scheme to keep Bill and Brooke apart.

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