At Wyatt and Hope's beach house, Brooke and Hope discuss the what happened in Paris. Hope admits that knowing Liam was there is messing with her head - there's so much history there. Deacon arrives with Hope's kitty. They fill him in on Liam being in Paris and saving Ivy. Brooke muses about a random sequence of events altering her course. Deacon advises her to move ahead and honor the choices she made. Brooke and Deacon leave.

At the warehouse, Quinn tells Wyatt she thinks she mixed in quite well at the party. Wyatt cautions her - it was just because of his wedding. He tells her about Liam being in Paris. Quinn is upset about Liam laying a guilt trip on Hope at the party. Wyatt warns her to stay away from Liam. He states that he and Hope wouldn't even be married if she'd known Liam was there. Quinn argues the point. Wyatt asks her about Ricardo's death. She swears she had nothing to do with it. He wants to know that he and Hope aren't together because of Quinn's manipulations. Quinn reassures him. She presents him with wedding rings for him and Hope.

Outside Forrester Creations, Ivy and Ally discuss Hope knowing that Liam was in Paris. Ally thinks it changes everything, but Ivy says at the end of the day, Hope is married to Wyatt now. Ally feels awful for Liam. She asked if Ivy saw who bumped her. Ivy says no, but she's pretty sure it was a woman. They talk about Liam not leaving Ivy. Ally muses, "You like him, don't you?" Ivy admits she kissed him in Paris and felt something. Ally asks what's next. Ivy will invite him to a party.

At Spencer Publications, Liam flashes thinks about Hope and wipes away a tear. Ivy appears and shows him some photos of her jewelry designs. He marvels over her talent. She's grateful to have her pieces exposed. Liam realizes she's checking up on him. Ivy thinks Hope still loves him. Liam says Hope made all her choices with her eyes wide open. He talks about moving on. Ivy may be able to help. She asks him to the end of summer party at Bikini. He accepts. They hug.

Wyatt gets home and tells Hope he likes seeing her there; it feels...married. They embrace. He asks if she's okay. She says today threw her, but she's okay. Wyatt says he has something from his mother, assures her their safe, and pulls out the rings. He places Hope's ring on her finger and pledges his life to her. Hope puts his ring on his finger and commits herself to him from this day on, rocking and rolling wherever life may take them.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bob Barker returns to B&B in a scene with Liam and Wyatt.

Deacon looks to Hope for help getting Brooke back.

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