In Brooke's bedroom, Wyatt tells Hope it's time to go. He says it makes no difference that Liam was in Paris. Hope asks if Wyatt knew. He says he just found out and was told Liam was going to keep it to himself...but he never could put Hope first. Hope leaves and Wyatt tells Liam he needs to understand this is something he cannot change. Liam asks if he really wants to win this way. Wyatt tells Liam he makes Hope happy, and Liam never did. Liam wonders if Hope is chewing off her foot right now since Wyatt has trapped her. Liam feels Hope will come to see Wyatt as a person who stabbed his brother in the back and stole his life. Liam yells that they were supposed to be brothers. Wyatt asks Liam if he notices that everything happens to him? Wyatt wants to be brothers and friends, but tells Liam this was about who would show up no matter what. "Ivy probably wouldn't have drowned you know." Outside, Quinn wonders to Deacon if Brooke will forgive Bill. Deacon wonders why Quinn wants Bill anyway. Deacon finds a phone with a photo of him, Brooke, and Hope on it and muses, "I could live here." In the kitchen, Brooke hisses at Bill that Ridge has lost his ability to draw. Bill thinks it will come back. He wants to jet to their wedding. Bill makes Brooke furious by suggesting that Ridge might have an ulterior motive for his claims. He says Ridge's mission is to kamikaze her self-esteem. Brooke retorts that most of their conversations are about what Bill wants. Bill concedes he takes up a lot of room. Brooke doesn't want to change him; just to respect him. She asks him to go - she can't go with him. Bill is okay with waiting...this isn't the end. In the living room, Ivy suggests to Hope that she could get an annulment. Ivy says falling into the Seine felt more like being pushed. Hope wonders who would do that. Quinn watches them. Ivy tells Hope that Liam loves her. Hope says she's married. By the terrace, Deacon and Quinn overhear Bill postpone his wedding. Deacon finds Brooke crying into the kitchen sink.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ivy acts on her attraction to a Spencer.

Quinn distracts from Wyatt's request by giving him a gift.

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