In the warehouse, Deacon and Quinn look at the crumpled drawings from Ridge's office and conclude he's lost his design abilities. Quinn marvels about Ridge keeping such a big secret. She's determined to find out the whole story. Deacon isn't up for crazy shenanigans. Quinn just wants to gather information. She knows where Ridge and Katie are having lunch - they will go there. Deacon groans.

At the outdoor cafe, Ridge tells Katie he can't design or draw and it's all Bill's fault. Ridge says he doesn't want anyone to know. He goes on and on about Brooke not being able to see Bill for who he is and cut ties with him. Katie looks exasperated. Deacon and Quinn arrive and sit down. Deacon orders a cocktail to cope as Quinn eavesdrops on Ridge and Katie through a bush. She hears Katie talk about Ridge struggling, Bill being to blame, and how Brooke should know the truth. Quinn beams.

At Brooke's house, Bill makes his case for moving forward. He says Ridge is fine and asks Brooke to focus on their future. They discuss Liam and Wyatt. Bill thinks they'll be fine - Hope will see to it. He promises not to hurt Hope or anyone Brooke cares about again. Brooke asks, "Even Ridge?" Bill vows to become his new best friend. He talks about them parenting the children together and double-dating. Brooke brings up Quinn. Bill doesn't think she'll mess with them again. Brooke thinks Hope has the black widow for a mother-in-law. Bill assures Brooke it will be smooth-sailing for them from now on. Brooke flashes to good times in the Middle East. Bill asks her to marry him and stay on this incredible adventure with him. She agrees. They kiss. Bill goes to get a huge bottle of champagne and makes stallion noises. He calls the yacht captain to set up their wedding.

In Malibu, Ivy and Ally press Liam to tell Hope that he was in Paris. They argue over whether or not it's too late. Ally wonders how Ivy managed to fall into the Seine anyway. Ivy says it was crowded and she was bumped. Ally urges Liam to tell Hope what happened - it will change everything. Liam rehashes his ill-fated journey to the Eiffel Tower. Ivy says he wasn't that late. Liam muses he was late enough for Hope to run off with Wyatt. Ivy offers to help him explain to Hope. Liam speculates that Hope may already know he was there. His father wants him to leave it alone and he's starting to think he's right.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill makes demands of Liam with regard to the family.

A party is held for Wyatt and Hope.

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