At Forrester, Katie assures Ridge that he's a good designer. He laments that his hand won't draw what's in his head anymore. He takes medication and she gives him a pep talk. He takes a call from Brooke and snaps at her when she asks if he has any graphics ready for the new promotion. In the corridor, Oliver and Ally help Pam and Charlie write a medieval ballad. Pam tells them Ridge hasn't been himself since he returned from Abu-Dhabi.

At the warehouse, Quinn tells Deacon they're going to have help breaking up Bill and Brooke - someone else is going to do their dirty work. Deacon wonders if she hired a henchman. She tells him she means Ridge Forrester. Quinn says she plans to pay Ridge a visit. She paints a picture of two happy families for Deacon - Deacon with Brooke and Hope, and her with Wyatt and Bill. He grins.

Deacon drops in on Brooke at home. She lets him know that she and Bill are planning a reception party for Hope and Wyatt. Deacon figures he's not invited, but Brooke says Hope will want to share her happiness with him. She asks him to be respectful of Bill. Deacon argues with her about Bill. She says they all make mistakes. Deacon wonders why she's willing to give Bill another chance but not him. Deacon thinks Hope would love to see them back together. Brooke sniffs that she's a grown woman. Deacon points out she didn't like her being engaged to Bill. Deacon tells Brooke he still remembers how it was between them.

Quinn surprises Pam, Charlie, Ally, and Oliver at Forrester. They try to discourage her from seeing Ridge, but she goes in anyway. Quinn tells Ridge she's been in a facility and she's there to make amends. She apologizes for her role in what happened to him and tries to engage him in a conversation about Bill and Brooke. "We can't let him talk her into another wedding, can we?" Ridge goes off on her, and says she's sketchy and insincere - he's never trusted her. Quinn says he doesn't seem himself. Ridge rants about her and Bill being perfect for each other. The others peek in. Quinn says she'll show herself out. She pretends to forget her bag and steals the crumpled up papers from Ridge's wastebasket. She wishes the assembled group a great afternoon in half-wit junction.

Ridge meets Katie for lunch and tells her about Quinn's visit. He thinks she wants him to muscle Bill out of Brooke's life. He admits she got him worrying about Brooke marrying Bill. Katie muses that maybe if Brooke knew what the fall cost him... Ridge swears her to secrecy.

At the warehouse, Quinn rants to Deacon about Ridge being arrogant and rude. She notes he was a mess and pulls out the crumpled papers. They realize he can't draw anymore.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn and Deacon keep plotting and uncover incriminating evidence.

Bill is persistent with his attempts to get Brooke to marry him.

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