At the warehouse, Quinn holds Deacon at gunpoint and insists he's wrong about her murdering Ricardo Montemayor. Deacon thinks she killed him to get the diamond for Wyatt to give to Hope. Quinn rants about his absurd accusations. Deacon thinks the cops should decide. Quinn says Ricardo had nothing to fear from her. She wants Deacon to trust her. He hollers about trusting the woman who's holding a gun on him and marvels that she was able to acquire one. They argue some more about whether she murdered Ricardo. Quinn tries to point out similarities between her and Deacon. She wants to be allies. Quinn wonders if she could help him get Brooke, would they be allies then? They bicker about Brooke, and Quinn wanting Bill. Deacon teases her about the whips and leather items on her computer. She muses, "You are all about passion. I'm all about adrenaline." She feels this is why they belong with Brooke and Bill respectively and should team up. "What do you say, Deacon? It's now or never." They argue over whether Brooke will go back with Bill. Quinn is certain she will. They agree that Bill has issues controlling his temper - they could use that; light the match. Deacon chuckles. Quinn presses him. "We have to act now."

On the yacht, Wyatt and Hope share a champagne toast. They walk the deck holding hands and talk about jumping off the bow of the ship together. They make out in various locations and sip more champagne. Wyatt and Hope talk about Bill texting to say he's throwing them a party and enthuse over being married. Wyatt thinks it's the beginning of a great adventure. They exchange 'I love you's and kiss. Later, Hope thinks about waiting at the Eiffel Tower, leaving with Wyatt, and getting married.

In Malibu, Bill and Liam discuss Wyatt marrying Hope. Bill's happy for Wyatt but knows what it's costing Liam. Liam says Hope was waiting for him, but fate intervened and Wyatt took advantage. Bill says that's who he is, and who Liam is not. Liam throws up his hands. Bill brings up Brooke - she wants Hope to be happy. Bill knows Liam would have done that should things have gone differently. He states that there are no do-overs, however - Hope and Wyatt are married. Bill says he and Brooke will throw them a party and he expects him to attend. Liam exclaims. Bill says he must accept this marriage and move on with his life. "That's how it's going to be." After, Liam moons about Hope as he boxes up her photos and tears up.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Deacon and Quinn put an elaborate plan into motion.

Ridge tries to keep his secret.

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