On the Forrester jet, Ivy, despite Liam's assurances, still feels guilty about him missing Hope. They discuss why Hope didn't wait a little longer. Liam says she's now married to his brother, nothing's changing that. Liam shares some memories about Hope with Ivy, who muses that it's going to take him a while to process this. Liam gives a crazy little laugh. He says they came so close, so many times; maybe you only get so many chances. Liam decides he has to be done. Ivy takes his hand and assures him the good guys win in the end.

Bill arrives at Brooke's house and says they're kids are married now - they should do the same - right after the party he throws for Wyatt and Hope. He feels sorry for Liam, but he hesitated and Wyatt didn't. Brooke is stunned to hear he told Liam. Bill wanted to act immediately. They get to talking about Ridge. Bill thinks he hasn't changed a bit - no lingering effects from the helicopter incident. Brooke muses that she doesn't think Bill's changed either. They talk about Hope taking on Quinn as a mother-in-law. Bill says Wyatt will see that it's not an issue. Brooke hopes Quinn's therapy keeps her away for a very long time. Bill vows to never let Quinn or anyone come between them again.

In the warehouse apartment, Deacon watches the video of Ricardo Montemayor. Quinn enters. She realizes he knows her son and his daughter are married. Deacon notes this was exactly what she wanted. Quinn jokes about them being family. Deacon says he knows what she did to Liam. He thinks she had something to do with Wyatt marrying Hope too - it wasn't just fate. Quinn thinks he's paranoid because he's a conman. Deacon argues he's not like that anymore. Quinn shrugs. "Neither am I." Deacon tells her about the investigator looking into the death of Ricardo Montemayor - Wyatt inheriting the diamond seems suspicious. Quinn says Wyatt wouldn't hurt a fly. Deacon agrees - you'd have to be crazy to kill someone. He tells Quinn she's a lunatic and a murderer. Outraged, Quinn asks why he'd think she killed Ricardo. Deacon replies, "He told me." He plays the video, and then a cut that has Ricardo saying, "She's your mother, Quinn Fuller. I'm at her mercy." Deacon says if she did this, she's going away for a very long time. Quinn points a gun at him. "Oh Deacon. You're a little too sharp for your own good."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope and Wyatt have no idea of Quinn's role in things.

Ivy wants Liam to tell Hope what happened.

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