In Paris, Liam remains stunned by the news that Hope has married Wyatt. Ivy is sorry for him. Liam can't get his mind around it. He marvels. "She's Wyatt's wife." Ivy says she's the reason he was late. Liam points out he was late one time and that's all it took for Hope to run off with his brother. He fondles the wedding ring and shakes his head. Liam tells Ivy that he was going to marry Hope and now that's just not happening. He feels foolish and can't believe his brother could do this. Ivy doesn't know what to say. Liam exits and roams around Paris thinking about Hope. As memories flood in, he tears up. Ivy appears. She thanks him again for saving her...with a kiss.

At Forrester Creations, Oliver gives Ally a bouquet of carnations. She tells him she loves him. Charlie and Pam enter. Pam breaks the news to Ally that Hope got married to Wyatt. Ally first thinks she's kidding, and then asks how that happened. Pam says Liam didn't make it to the Eiffel Tower in time. Ally worries about Liam. She goes on about him being a real gentleman. Oliver, Pam, and Charlie talk about how many times they tried to make it work. Ally says they never gave up. Pam thinks this is how it's meant to be. Charlie feels you can't fight the power of the Hope For The Future diamond; it will always win. Pam says Hope has moved on, and Liam will have to as well.

Deacon answers the door to the warehouse apartment. It's an investigator looking to talk to Wyatt about Ricardo Montemayor's death. Deacon answers some questions and then asks some questions of his own. He learns Ricardo was poisoned with arsenic that could have come from a gemstone. He explains that those particular gems have to be handled carefully and Ricardo was a seasoned gemologist - it's unlikely he accidentally poisoned himself. Deacon tells him Wyatt is out of the country and Quinn's not there either. The investigator leaves his card and says he'll return. After, Deacon searches around the apartment. He finds handcuffs and smirks. On Quinn's laptop, he finds a video clip of Ricardo Montemayor in which he cryptically alludes to being at Quinn's mercy.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill attempts to reconcile with Brooke.

Deacon looks into a murder.

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