In Paris, Liam runs back after Ivy is pushed from the bridge into the river. She urges him to go. Liam looks at Hope in the distance. Wyatt also watches Hope and wishes for Liam not to show up. Liam jumps in to save Ivy when she struggles in the current. Meanwhile, Quinn steals a pair of binoculars in a cafe and uses them to watch Hope. She giggles about her looking worried. In the water, Liam helps Ivy to shore, where they lay exhausted. Their eyes lock, and then Ivy sends him to meet Hope. In the gardens, Wyatt flashes to romantic times with Hope and waits. Hope looks around, checks the time, and gets flustered. Liam pushes through the crowds, but when he arrives Hope has gone.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Ally by phone to let her know if she hears anything about Hope. Deacon appears in the doorway with coffee and donuts. Brooke ushers him inside before Pam sees the store bought baked goods. They discuss Hope's situation in Paris. Brooke thinks it's all leading to a big moment in Hope's life. They theorize about how things might go. Brooke respects Hope's choices. Deacon can't believe he had anything to do with making such an amazing human being. They talk about whether they're rooting for Wyatt or Liam. Deacon prefers Wyatt. Brooke pictures Hope with Liam and is glad Quinn's not involved in Hope's life anymore. Deacon notes it's after three in Paris. In the studio, Ally gushes to Oliver that Hope and Liam will be together in Paris...finally. She goes on about Hope's important message to girls and how it pulled her through so many times. Oliver thinks they're both special. Ally moons about the Liam and Hope reunion in Paris and is thankful Quinn is far away. She talks about Hope and Liam being perfect together.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke worries about Hope.

Quinn watches her actions take effect.

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