In Paris, Wyatt talks to Hope about taking the city by storm with the diamond. They head to International and meet with Felicia. Wyatt says they're unbelievably excited about tomorrow - he just hopes there aren't any distractions. Wyatt takes a call from Quinn and tells her about Hope inviting Liam to Paris, but warns her to stay away from Liam. Rick, Hope, and Felicia talk about Thorne and Taylor getting serious. Wyatt joins them and they decide to shoot in the Trocadero Gardens near the Eiffel Tower. Rick gushes to Felicia about the buzz. Wyatt credits the diamond...and the woman wearing it. Felicia notes the extravagance of the gift. She asks about Ricardo, Quinn, and Quinn attacking Liam. Hope says she's getting help. Later, by the Eiffel Tower, Wyatt tells Hope, "If Liam doesn't show up, I want to make you mine."

At Spencer Publications, Alison tells Liam his Paris flight arrangements are confirmed. He grins and looks at the wedding ring.

At Forrester, Pam tells Ivy that her work permit came - she can go to Paris. Ivy gets a call from Liam saying he's going to Paris and agrees to fly over with him. In the studio, Oliver asks Ally if she's going to Paris. She says someone has to stay there and be in charge. He grins. "So I'm dating the boss, is that what you're saying?" They talk about the whole world watching what's happening in Paris. Ally goes up to the office as Pam helps Ivy finish packing. Ally is excited to hear that Ivy's accompanying Liam to Paris. Ally rushes to tell Oliver that Liam is going to meet Hope. Oliver remarks on Liam's historic bad luck. Ally decides she'll plan a welcome back party for Hope and Liam. Oliver surprises Ally with French food. "Liam is not the only romantic guy around here." Ally says nothing can top the jousting ring - he's her knight in shining armor, just like Liam is Hope's...

Outside Spencer, Liam gets in his car to drive to the airport. Quinn watches.

On the plane, Liam thinks about his romance with Hope. Ivy appears and sits beside him. Behind Liam, hiding behind a magazine, sits Quinn. Ivy and Liam discuss him doing the right thing by meeting Hope. Quinn listens as he says he'll marry her there.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam conquers all for love.

Hope becomes very wrapped up in the fashion shoot.

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