On the Forrester jet, Wyatt worries to Rick about Felicia handling the foreign PR because Thorne is away with Taylor. Rick reassures him. Hope sits silently. Wyatt joins her. Rick heads up to the cockpit. Hope and Wyatt discuss Liam being upset. She feels she did what was right for her line, but not for her fiance. Wyatt thinks Liam did a number on her. He tells Hope he loves her and has proven himself to her and has been there for her when Liam has walked out. Hope says Liam has a reason to be upset. Wyatt counters that he keeps his promises to her, and Liam hasn't. He talks about conquering Paris. Hope says she'll give the diamond back after the campaign, and adds that Liam is coming to Paris. She hopes when she leaves there, she'll be wearing Liam's ring. Hope reiterates that she only accepted the diamond for the sake of the line. Wyatt wonders what she'll do if Liam doesn't show up in Paris. Her look tells him what he needs to know. He thinks the diamond will work its magic again.

At Forrester, Liam finds Ally and Ivy manning the phones. "It's a madhouse around here!" They wonder if he's looking for Hope. He says he knows she's on a plane to Paris...with Wyatt and the diamond. They discuss the situation. Ally urges Liam to go to Paris and give Mr. Fuller a taste of his own medicine. Liam says Hope accepting the diamond is still an issue for them, but she did ask him to meet her. They debate whether Liam should go to Paris. Liam tells them Hope wants to get married there. Ally pleads with him not to disappoint her. Ally exits and Ivy talks to Liam about Paris and work. He notes she loves her work. He says Forrester's lucky to have her. She says Hope is lucky to have him. They talk about it. Ivy opines that Hope may be more like Brooke than she realizes, but she can see that he loves her. She urges him not to let Wyatt ruin things. In the studio, Oliver snaps photos of a model and then thinks about Ally. She appears and they talk about how much they like each other.

Hope and Wyatt walk around in Paris. She is certain Liam will show up to meet her. Wyatt says it's crazy she even has to wonder. She says, "He'll be here."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Oliver and Ally share alone time.

Liam makes a big decision.

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