At Liam's house, Hope implores him to get Bill to cover his work so he can come with her to Paris. They rehash her accepting the diamond. Hope protests that it hasn't come between them - she's right there and she loves him. Liam points out that they're arguing over the diamond and Wyatt knows that - she has to give it back. Hope insists she's doing this for the young girls who look up to her. Liam counters that Wyatt gets her to do things, and then talks her into believing it was her idea. Hope pulls out their wedding rings and says they can get married in Paris.

At Forrester Creations, Rick tells everyone that Wyatt's Paris diamond campaign is all coming together like it's meant to be. Talk turns to photographers. Ally advocates for Oliver, but Rick says Ridge insisted on using a local. They speculate on whether Hope will actually go. Maya offers to go in her place and flirts with Rick. Ivy wonders if anyone has heard from Hope. Oliver says she and Liam probably have some things to discuss. Ivy thinks they'll be tested. Ally blames Wyatt, but Ivy feels there's a pattern. In the hallway, Pam and Charlie discuss Wyatt and the diamond. Charlie believes Wyatt is the reason Ricardo is swimming with the tacos.

At the warehouse, Quinn tells Wyatt she wishes she could have been at the press conference to see Hope's face...and Liam's. He warns her about staying away from Liam. She insists she'll keep a low profile. Quinn wants to look at his phone. Wyatt gets angry about her becoming obsessed. His life is not hers. Quinn says he can't expect her not to care. She asks if he'll marry Hope in Paris. Wyatt says he wasn't trying to buy her with the diamond - and she's with Liam right now. Quinn urges him to call Hope. Wyatt reaches Hope and offers to drive her to the airport. She declines, but says she'll see him soon. He regrets calling.

In Malibu, Hope tells Liam why Wyatt called and they start bickering again. Liam thinks Wyatt expects something in return for the diamond. Hope says she's committed to Liam. He points out that she interrupted their conversation to take Wyatt's call. He says he can't drop everything to go to Paris. Hope pleads with him to clear two days and meet her in Paris the day after tomorrow. She'll even consider returning the diamond. She sets the meeting time and they kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ally and Ivy play cupid for Liam.

Wyatt's love life takes a turn for the worse.

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