At Forrester Creations, Wyatt protests to Liam that he promised Hope if he ever could, he'd give her the diamond. Liam rants, "I trusted you!" Hope says it's good for the company. Liam declares that if Hope respects him, she will return the diamond and fire Wyatt. Nearby, Ivy and Ally decide to go listen in. They hear Liam talking about boundaries. Hope tells Liam the gift isn't grounds for dismissal. Liam keeps pushing until Hope announces she's not firing Wyatt and is keeping the diamond. Liam takes off. Ivy follows. Ally confronts Wyatt and Hope. She lashes out at Wyatt and begs Hope not to let him manipulate her. Wyatt gets a call and has to go. Hope cries to Ally about Liam overreacting. "I think I'm losing him." Hope complains that Liam can't separate her business life from her personal life. Ally chastises Hope for putting business first. Ivy finds Liam outside and he confides that he feels cursed. He moans about all he and Hope have been through. Ivy says she's read all about it, and lets him know she agrees it was disrespectful for Hope to accept the diamond. Ivy thinks it's best Liam found out now what Wyatt means to Hope, but he doesn't think any good has come of this.

Bill and Deacon bicker at Brooke's house. Brooke stops them. Bill makes an appeal to Brooke to fight for their relationship. He expresses regret over Ridge getting hurt. Deacon sneers that he regrets he got caught. Deacon tells Brooke he'd do it again today if he thought she wouldn't find out. Bill calls Deacon, "Mugshot," and continues working on Brooke. She tells Bill she loves him, but she needs time. Bill says he'll never give up on them. Once alone, Deacon says Bill won't change. Brooke asks, "Are you saying you have?" Deacon feels if she's considering going back to Bill, he deserves a shot too. Deacon declares that he wants Brooke back. He wants them to be parents together. She reminds him Hope's an adult. Deacon says it's never too late. He pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Quinn walks into her warehouse. Later, Wyatt arrives. She shows herself. "I wasn't sure you'd come." He can't believe she was released. Quinn reminds him she signed in voluntarily and insists she's still getting treatment. She tells Wyatt she's ashamed and won't go down that dark path again. Wyatt believes her. He fills her in on Ricardo dying, the diamond inheritance, and giving it to Hope. Quinn gushes at the romance of it all and is thrilled to hear that Liam flipped out. Wyatt gets a call from a Mexican detective who says Ricardo may have been murdered.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn is linked to the death of Ricardo.

Deacon's reason for returning is revealed.

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