At the press conference, Wyatt offers Hope the diamond. Liam shakes his head. Wyatt asks again. Hope accepts it. Ally holds her head and Liam looks concerned. The press focuses on the meaning of the diamond to Hope and Wyatt's personal relationship. Wyatt deflects. Liam stalks off and Hope follows. They argue in the hallway. Hope says her line needs this - he's overreacting. Liam feels it's more than business to Wyatt. Hope denies the diamond has a hold on her. Liam asks her to return it right now. In the showroom, Ally grumbles to Oliver about Wyatt making a move on Hope. Ivy joins them and agrees it was a manipulation. She says Liam shouldn't accept it, and Hope shouldn't allow it. Wyatt goes to the doorway and hears Liam tell Hope she's being played. Hope denies it. Liam insists the media will focus on the romance of it. Wyatt jumps into the fray and asks Hope if she feels manipulated. Liam and Wyatt argue. Wyatt insists he was just beating the drum for publicity. Liam mocks the power of the diamond. Liam tells Hope that Wyatt is hitting on her - she needs to fire him and return the diamond. He won't accept anything less.

At Spencer Publications, Bill flashes to the romantic high points with Brooke. After, he moodily orders Alison to cancel his appointments. She clucks about him losing his girlfriend. He mutters that dumping Ridge in the Persian Gulf was a miscalculation. Alison suggests he ignore Brooke and she'll come crawling back. Bill won't play that game. He opines that no one gets Brooke like he does.

At Brooke's house, she tells Deacon she doesn't believe Bill meant to kill Ridge. Deacon muses that he's heard that before in the slammer - where Bill might be heading. They debate about Bill. Deacon complains he needs to be taught a lesson. Brooke thinks he is learning one. Talk turns to Hope and the diamond. Brooke wonders what Liam thinks. The topic reverts to Bill's dirty deed. Brooke sighs that she was going to marry Bill. Deacon notes that feelings like that don't just go away and gives her a meaningful look. Deacon insists she deserves better and is telling her he's changed when Bill arrives. Bill wants to talk to Brooke alone, but she lets Deacon stay. Brooke yells at Bill for doing something criminal and then letting Ridge think he was crazy from his concussion. Bill hollers about Ridge invading his wedding. Deacon tells Bill to stop bullying Brooke. Things get heated. Bill appeals to Brooke to marry him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam tells a secret to Ivy.

One mystery couple shares a surprising kiss.

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