At Liam's house in Malibu he opens his patio door and calls out for Quinn. "Is that you, you creepy b****?" Back inside, he falls over something onto the floor. He reaches his phone and calls Hope to tell her he's hurt his ankle and is going to urgent care. She asks what happened. He replies, "In a word? Quinn."

At the medieval event, Ally tells Oliver he's going to love this. He says he already does. Charlie and Pam canoodle. They sit to eat and Oliver learns he must eat with no utensils. Knights on horseback enter the arena to joust and Oliver is welcomed by the Princess. The jousting commences and Oliver thinks it's awesome. He tells Ally, "I love everything about this night."

In the Forrester boardroom, Maya plays the recording of Oliver saying he's dating the redheaded Forrester to hold onto his job for Rick and Caroline. Rick is outraged, but Caroline wonders why Maya is up in Oliver's business anyway. Rick isn't going to stand for Oliver using Ally. Maya explains her concern, but Caroline is very skeptical. Maya doubts Ally could read a con. She and Rick agree there is reason for concern. Caroline rolls her eyes. Rick tries unsuccessfully to reach Ally. Maya goes on about Oliver monopolizing Ally's time at work. Caroline tells Rick that Maya clearly cannot be trusted - she thinks she coached Oliver while secretly recording him. She confronts her about hitting on Rick and tells her she is no longer appropriate for Hope For The Future. Rick insists the steam room wasn't a firing offense. He tells Maya to keep quiet - he'll deal with Oliver.

At the hospital, Liam is told he'll need a boot and crutches. Hope arrives. Liam tells her it's a sprain - he thinks Quinn was involved, but isn't sure. Liam describes how he went to bed and heard a noise coming from inside the house and ended up shining a light right into Quinn's face, but she was gone by the time he retrieved his light.

Quinn finds Deacon waiting in the warehouse. He asks, "Where are you coming from?" Quinn informs him they're not going to be BFFs and share secrets. Deacon says he's been at Wyatt's house - he's an impressive young man who is clearly in love with Hope. Quinn says Hope loves him too, but Liam's got her brainwashed. She goes on about him being pouty and whiny and preying on her guilt. "He's a puppy. Afraid of his own shadow." Quinn returns to welding and Deacon watches through narrowed eyes. Hope arrives. Deacon hides. Hope confronts her about lurking at Liam's house earlier.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope wants to know if Quinn is responsible for Liam's injury.

Rick is in a tough spot.

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