In her warehouse, Quinn welds with purpose. She then pounds and hammers as she thinks of Liam calling her names.

Deacon swaggers into Wyatt's house and says he used to live there. "I love what you've done with the place." Wyatt asks why he's there. Deacon muses about seeing photos of Wyatt and Hope together in the press and thinking they were meant to be. Wyatt says he wants her back, and thinks Hope will want him back too. Deacon notes he has nothing against Liam, but it seems strange they've tried for so long. Wyatt is glad Deacon came by. Deacon suggests they open a bottle of scotch. They do, and Wyatt tells Deacon he and Hope split up because of his mother, who isn't the kind of person Hope respects. Deacon asks what kind of person is that? Wyatt says she doesn't care who she hurts or what lines she has to cross to get what she wants. Deacon grimaces slightly. Wyatt muses that sometimes his mother goes a bit too far.

At Forrester, Rick tells Caroline what happened with Maya in the steam room. Caroline thinks that explains why Maya won't set a wedding date with Carter. Maya appears. "We need to talk." She mentions Oliver. Caroline wonders what Oliver has to do with her hitting on Rick. Maya is taken aback. She tells Caroline she had to tell Rick how she was feeling, in case he was feeling that way too. Caroline accuses her of being a gold-digger. Maya says she's not, but someone else is - Oliver's using Ally. Caroline scoffs but Maya says she has proof. She plays the recording. In the studio, Oliver tells Ally she would be the perfect spokesmodel for Hope's line. Ally says she wouldn't want to put Maya out of a job. Pam and Charlie appear in medieval garb. They complain that Donna agreed to join them but then got sick. They want Ally to use her ticket. Oliver says they'll both go - he wants to experience something Ally likes.

At the medieval event, Oliver learns he's up for two hours of epic battle, pageantry and jousting.

In Malibu, Liam and Hope kiss and discuss Quinn digging herself a bigger hole. Hope prepares to go. Liam gives her a 'swear' jar to save for their honeymoon - it works with the 'Q' and 'W' words. Hope hears a bang in the wind and is glad she's not staying. Later, Liam gets into bed but then hears a loud noise. He grabs a flashlight and searches the living area. Suddenly his light exposes Quinn's sinister face. Liam jumps back.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam is involved in an accident.

Quinn faces serious accusations.

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