Deacon finds Quinn in her warehouse welding. "I know better than to get between a woman and her blowtorch." She mutters about him wandering in uninvited. He says he lives there. Quinn tells him about her frustrating visit with Liam, who is being a very bad boy. She muses that it takes a lot of poking and prodding to get through to Liam, but she tried to be gentle. Deacon tells her Hope insisted she's committed to Liam. Quinn hisses that Hope and Wyatt belong together. Deacon says she needs to loosen up on the leash with Wyatt. Quinn tells Deacon she's going to kill Liam. Deacon chuckles and mockingly asks how she'll do it. Quinn grimly tells him not to underestimate a mother's love. Later, Quinn flashes to arguing with Liam and keeps welding.

At Forrester Creations, Oliver tries to convince Ally to model in the studio. Ally wants to take pictures of him. Hope arrives and asks about Maya taking off. They speculate about her being off her game lately. Ally defends Maya. Hope leaves, and Oliver tells Ally she should be the face of Hope For The Future - she represents everything the line stands for. In the steam room, Maya asks Rick if he's surprised and reminds him it's not the first time they've been together like that. She wonders if what they had is still there. Rick reminds her he's married, and she's engaged to Carter. Maya insists it's not too late for them. Rick soothes that he enjoyed their time together. She says the Forresters rallying for Ridge's return made her realize how much she missed being part of the family. Maya asks Rick for another chance. Rick says he's committed to Caroline and considers Maya a friend. Maya pleads that they could be good together. Rick says Carter loves her. "And I love Caroline." He exits.

Wyatt arrives at Liam's house and says he got his text. "What do you want?" Liam mentions Quinn's visit. "I always knew she was unhinged, but today she took it up a notch." Wyatt admits she's overbearing, but insists she's not crazy. Liam shows him the stab mark on his neck. Wyatt says, "Yeah, she does that." Liam flies off the handle. Wyatt asks what he wants him to do. Liam wants him to be honest. "How dangerous is your mom, really?" Wyatt insists she's not truly dangerous. Hope arrives and hears what Quinn did to Liam. Wyatt sighs and apologizes again - he's lost his job and lost Hope. "There's no greater punishment than that." Later, Hope and Liam agree Quinn is out of control. They hope it's over.

Deacon visits Wyatt at his beach house and introduces himself as Hope's dad.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline confronts Maya after talking to Rick.

Wyatt discusses Hope with Deacon.

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